so is karma actually

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User Info: Sludgy

4 years ago#11
Bhellium posted...
BlackBeetleborg posted...
The problem with Karma before this rework, was that she was so incredibly underrated. It seemed like nobody knew how to use here, and as a result, she sinks to the bottom of tiers. She can be an incredibly painful mid. She seems to end up like Swain most of the time, in a sense that she becomes tanky with health and just deals a s*** ton of damage.

After reading her skills reworked, I was at an awe. It sounds so scary, that I'm hoping more people pick her up and play her frequently mid lane. I WANT to see more Karma users, because I know what she could have been if people gave her the chance.

Here is that chance.

Only it won't really be giving her a chance. This is not the same Karma. This is Pod-Karma.

That is pretty much how I feel about it. While the new Karma is fine as an AP mid, she just doesnt feel like Karma anymore. They could have easily changed the particle effects to icy blue colors and she would fit perfectly as Lissandra. . her Mantra is quite straight forward as well, there isnt really a deeper thought process of which to use. Very rarely will you be using anything but Mantra Q in lane. You will barely ever be close enough to Mantra W(unless you are fighting a Zed or something) and Mantra E is useless because its explosion damage is based on the level of Mantra now instead of the actual skill(at least it was last week when I played her on the PBE, anyone know if they changed it?)

Its all done so there is no need for me to complain but I am really sad that my 3rd favorite champion was turned into another generic AP mid with no real uniqueness. Also they ruined the Karmekton lane! what is the deal with that man!? D:
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