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User Info: centurion911

4 years ago#11
GreatKiraLord posted...
Why isn't Shen not OP in solo?
What are the instances or conditions that prevent him from being OP in soloq?

Splitpushing is a coordinated team effort that requires a little bit of communication, warding, and smart play.

Most soloque teams with a Shen will have their Shen kinda shove toplane while they try to bait out a fight. If the opposing team is ahead, they usually get taken down before Shen even joins the fight. If the opposing team is behind, the winning team will usually bait to hard and have one of their members caught out.

In soloque, a team that sees 5 members of the enemy team engaging on 1 member of their team will usually run out of instinct. That 1 member engaged on will almost always run, and when Shen ults onto them, they've usually taken themselves out of the fight.

The strategy CAN work, but in my experience it usually falls apart and the enemy team says things like "terrible Shen, can't even ult me in a fight" or "bad Shen didn't save me all laning phase" even though losing the support in a fight at bot is much better than having the enemy toplaner take your tower and, if they have a stun/silence, interrupt your ult.
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