People think zac is UP?

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User Info: Soljah

4 years ago#1
Try using his utility and other options...
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User Info: KeepItCivil

4 years ago#2
People think whatever they want until the pros talk.
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User Info: ryana

4 years ago#3
Making any judgement the first few days after release is just naive

User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#4
He's ok.
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User Info: Fire_Away

4 years ago#5
Snoopeh already said he was kinda dumb actually so
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User Info: Final_Hatsamu

4 years ago#6
Susan0 posted...
He's ok.

This and only this.

Some of my friends are calling him OP. Of course, I'm calling them stupid... <.<

I mean, yeah, his jump is huge... but that's the only thing I would call "OP" about him.
I try to explain them that judging a new champ just by one or two matches is pointless and even nonsensical every time they release a new champ but I'm starting to think they might be deaf or something... D:
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User Info: draxenz

4 years ago#7
He looks viable and interesting. If he's UP Riot will adjust him as per usual. They like to see people play their new champs... The main factor you should consider when playing a new release champ is "is the champ fun? (normals, not ranked of course).

User Info: Frosted_Midna

4 years ago#8
It's more than good, it's alive!
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User Info: drakis24

4 years ago#9
Has infinite sustain in jungle and great ganks with no mana cost. I've never picked up a new champion and won so many games in a row. I dont think zacs great in lane, but man is he built to jungle. As well as counter jungle with his e and ult he can get out of any situation.He defiantly has his roll though late game, i dont think hes op or up. Worst case i could see his passive healing for a little bit less.

User Info: MegaSTV

4 years ago#10
He's OP.

He has a really good initiate and late game with liandry's he's basically a terror. You can't ignore him because he does fairly good damage and mid team fight, you can's stop what you're doing to attack his little blobs. Endgame fight he jumps in, knocks up your whole team. If you don't melt him immediately, he just spams his w, and is basically Amumu. If you try and melt him immediately, he survives with his tankiness and ults. Your tanks, carries, bruisers, support, all of them are disrupted and are half dead.

He's not obviously OP because he seems to have a high skill cap and he isn't a snowball and win champ. He basically makes everyone else on your team look good.
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