Who hard counters TF?

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User Info: tranquilizerrr

4 years ago#11
The ethereal skins wild cards are deceiving. Skin OP.
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User Info: PrizmSlash

4 years ago#12
Underworld TF is pretty cool IMO.

Pantheon absolutely destroys him in lane and can also follow his ganks up with his own ult(though he needs to get a bit closer)

User Info: ArtosRC

4 years ago#13
From: wantfastcars | #010
High Noon is the best.

This is fact and cannot be disputed.

User Info: Metleon

4 years ago#14
Airborne_Gnorc posted...

Bully him all day in lane, when he goes to teleport, you teleport to that lane to countergank.

Or just stun him if he tele's next to you or by a ward.
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User Info: zeldamaster2006

4 years ago#15
Diana is a really rough lane.
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User Info: ryana

4 years ago#16
Technically, nobody. His ult will get him fed either way.

User Info: FiveSeven77

4 years ago#17
Normally TF doesn't dominate his lane. He wins other lanes with his ult.
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User Info: Ravid182

4 years ago#18
Mostly heavy burst or people that can run up on you if you are not good at fast picking a yellow card.

But you can survive against most if you play smart

User Info: Badmood136

4 years ago#19
Twisted Fate doesn't like people that can close the gap and do a lot of burst. Champs like Fizz and Diana can absolutely melt his squishy self, and he doesn't really have the DPS/burst to fight back since he's more of a poke/push-and-gank champ. Don't let him push out and gank after 6 or you will have a very bad time when he gets bot/top fed.
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User Info: matrix0523

4 years ago#20
Kassadin ****ing destroys him in lane post 6. Pre-6 is okay.
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