Do these mid champs only go mid?

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User Info: ThyCorndog

4 years ago#11
oh poop I forgot Leblanc
but I guess she seems like an "only mid" type, though some people say she can support
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User Info: Ishanji

4 years ago#12
ThyCorndog posted...
Also, to clarify, I'm not asking if Sona and Nunu could go to other lanes. That's a second and separate question asking if they could mid

Nunu is an effective top because of his sustain and harass, and I've seen him work well in mid also (although the AS slow from his snowball isn't as good against APs which are more common in mid).

Sona isn't a very good mid because the costs of her skills are too high to compare to other the combined damage+sustain of other mids.

User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#13
ThyCorndog posted...
doesn't Morde get countered by bruisers top?

morde is a very good bruiser

his only weaknesses are being kited, being focused and ganks

nearly every top is melee so don't worry about being kited up there

your only problem will be ganks unless you do so well that everyone focuses you
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User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#14
ThyCorndog posted...
These are the ones I own:

Cassiopeia - Yes
Diana - Top and Jungle
Evelynn - Jungle
Karthus - Jungle
Kassadin - Top for troll pick
Kayle - All Lanes and Jungle
Mordekaiser -Top
Nunu (?) - All Lanes and Jungle
Orianna - Bot SP
Ryze - Top
Sona (?) - Top
Swain - Top
Talon - Top
Twisted Fate - Bot and Top

I put Nunu and Sona in there even though I never went mid with them, because I guess they could? Maybe?

Anyway, I know Diana and Eve can jungle, Kayle could pretty much do anything and Swain can top

what else?!?!
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User Info: kickthegnome

4 years ago#15
Diana - jungle
Evelynn - jungle
Karthus - ive actually seen karthus jungle and it works. but typically mid
Kayle - support or jungle
Mordekaiser - top
Nunu (?) - support or jungle
Sona (?) - support
Talon - top
Twisted Fate - seen adc tf not sure if good.

User Info: malicemizery

4 years ago#16
Any mid champ can debateably go top depending on the matchup. Other than heavy tank champs, most tops can also mid.
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