Ghost and Flash are now combined into a single spell

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User Info: Arken101

4 years ago#1
But you may only move through a single thing, it would remove the whole "Get out of jail free" deal with flash while retaining the utility of moving through map placements.
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User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#2
by "single thing" do you mean piece of terrain?

even then how would the game recognize that?
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User Info: uped145

4 years ago#3
Sounds like it sucks if you're saying flash no longer has a "blink" ability. That's pretty much the whole point of it

User Info: KingKobo

4 years ago#4
As in you flash and get a MS buff?? I don't really get it

User Info: Supat0ny

4 years ago#5
So Flash turns into a dash, instead of a blink?

Sort of like Tristana's Rocket Jump.
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User Info: JimboJen

4 years ago#6
such a poorly developed thought.
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User Info: ineedaname88

4 years ago#7
Blink through one wall then run really fast for 10 seconds? OP....
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User Info: New_Pants

4 years ago#8
I think he meant you get a move speed boost and can run through a wall. This could be broken though because you could possibly run through large chunks of wall that are still impossible to do with flash. I like the idea of slowing the blink down though, like the aforementioned Rocket Jump.
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User Info: Darkyellow327

4 years ago#9
You want to stop everybody from using flash? Make it cost gold and be an item. Maybe put it on a dagger or something.
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User Info: BurnumMaster

4 years ago#10
So everyone has Tryn dash?
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  3. Ghost and Flash are now combined into a single spell

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