Any ranked AP yi Users?

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User Info: Walker_Real

4 years ago#1
I don't know why but I really seem to do the best with mid or top AP Yi.

I use chars like Kat who gets refresh cooldowns, but I really haven't been feeling Kat lately.

I usually go

Dorans->Big Rod (If I can, if not, blasting wand)->Sorc's boots->Sheen->Deathcap->Lich Bane

Then usually Zhonya's for some D since I start getting targetted.

Any one play AP yi in Ranked?

User Info: FreshSushi

4 years ago#2
When I had like 12 ranked games before the new system I played with this guy named nightnin. He went AD Yi mid and got first blood against swain at lvl 2. Then proceeded to win every lane and win the game. And I was like kewl.

True story.

And u should consider a void before hourglass cause you know, balls deep. Also, athenes. I don't understand the idea of being targeted as Yi. Your whole job is to hide behind a rock for the first half of a teamfight then come out for a penta when one of them gets low.
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User Info: Walker_Real

4 years ago#3
Anyone else use em?

User Info: Gainazzo

4 years ago#4
Yes, but I play him with teleport and farm all day and steal all kills from bot, later farm all lanes and tp to teamfights for pentas.

User Info: Walker_Real

4 years ago#5
I've seen a lot of Yi's with teleport, is it because of his gankability with it?

Please teach me haha.
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