What Elo are you, and where do you think you belong?

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User Info: ERLiNo

4 years ago#21
Silver 1 and here I belong because thats what the matchmaking says
"It doesn't matter how many resources you have, if you don't know how to use them, they will never be enough"
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User Info: Exavior

4 years ago#22
I'm in Gold V

I should probably be in Silver I, II, or III

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User Info: d4n122l345h0

4 years ago#23
Bronze 2.

In all honesty probably Silver V / Bronze 1 combo, it varies game to game.
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User Info: CosmosYears

4 years ago#24
Plat V. Plat I or Diamond V

User Info: sethyboy0

4 years ago#25
I'm not level 30 yet so unranked but from what I've seen and heard I think I might be mid-silver on average. For jungle I'm probably silver V or bronze I and for support I maaaaaybe could pull off low gold (especially when I see the derp supports my gold II roommate gets, although I think he's just unlucky).

User Info: SergeantGander

4 years ago#26
Silver 5, high silver, maybe maybe maybe gold 5. I have a friend that got gold last season and is bouncing between gold 4 and 5 now. He admits that I'm just as good as him, if not better. I just can't seem to climb out of silver 5 while he got placed in gold because he grinded to it last season and had the history :/

The sad thing is I was at 1400 elo and gaining like 15-20 per win in the elo system so I was sooooo close then when the new system hit I got knocked down :(
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User Info: Mr_Wohot

4 years ago#27
Silver I
Somewhere in Gold, probably VI or III

User Info: FlyEaglesFly10

4 years ago#28
In Silver 2, one more win gets me a promotion series to Silver 1. I have less than 15 games of ranked so far, and based off of my match history, I think I can end up around Gold IV/III.
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User Info: user_pt

4 years ago#29
Bronze 2 but I believe I would be in the right spot if I was around Silver IV or III. I'm usually the player that has the best scores in my team when I play ranked, but because of retards and afkers I end up losing too many matches.


4 years ago#30
Bronze 4
silver 4 or 5 i jsut cant be bothered to carry my way out
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