league DOES have hypercarries

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User Info: omega bahumat

omega bahumat
4 years ago#51
thedarklordx3 posted...
Wayavas posted...
thedarklordx3 posted...
this is still here? people are still posting in it?

I should lock this or something

I'm done bragging, it's over now I don't really care anymore,

I had my fun and didn't let you party poopers ruin it like you tried to

yeah we gonna keep posting, gamefaqs will always remember you and you probbly will never play in house games

I already played an inhouse once

why is it that everyone from gamefaqs is like silver III or higher?

and I saw a guy with 2000 wins

that guy needs to get out more


The rest of this troll topic can die for all I care. You did do a good job trolling everyone here (Unless you're serious then lol but w/e)

Posting solely to point a few issues out:
1) 2000 Wins is just 2000 wins. It doesn't reflect time played (They could be like Ego and be up 1000 games) Nor does it reflect losses (They could have 3000 losses). It's just a number that represents roughly how much experience you have and not what you used from said experience (people with 2K wins playing in solo queue with people with 10 wins are typically bad and will always be bad)

2) Most people on Gamefaqs are Silver IV or lower. Given your scores, your attitude and experience you're probably only slightly better than them at best.

3)There are reasons you take certain summoners. Ultimately it is up to team composition on both sides, laning composition and your overall gameplan to achieve victory. Any summoner can be used to secure victory if used correctly. The only summoner in the game that should be considered absolutely mandatory is smite. The fact that (as the jungler) you give up your smite means you lose out on buff, dragon and baron control. All of which greatly effect laning presence (Top Has red and Mid has blue? Sucks for your lane) and the ability to get core items faster (Dragon is essentially 2 free wards for everyone or the boost needed for the next big ticket item) all of which snowballs into objective and map control (turrets falling because lanes can't fight back).

Actively choosing to forgo smite because of cute tricks with teleport are foolhardy in comparison. You get one teleport every 5 minutes, you get a smite every 1. There are 6 objectives on the map, 5 of which can be taken by the person with smite with coordinated play from allies. My personal most common jungling route currently is (Provided lanes are pushing and the opposition isn't likely to die) Blue/Red->Enemy Blue/Red->My Blue/Red->Base->Dragon

I've given my team a gold and experience edge with dragon, relieved pressure off lanes by removing a key buff, neutered the opposing junglers ability to gank by removing core experience and given us map freedom for 6 minutes to tower dive top lane with mid. That's not something you can do with teleport.

User Info: omega bahumat

omega bahumat
4 years ago#52
Side note: I'm attempting to give TC some positive reinforcement when I say that he's Silver IV at best guys. He is likely not better than even 10% of the people that post actively on here.

User Info: UnderwaterAir

4 years ago#53
I'd be surprised if TC gets to Bronze III with the match history he's showing right now.
No matter which way you slice it you'll both be ending up in Hell!

User Info: LordClyde

4 years ago#54
Vayne is the carry.. Jax was ksing her.

User Info: iiTryhard

4 years ago#55
in all honesty......TC used to bother me with his false grandeur and the fact that he gives advice when he has 0 clue what he is talking about....

But i realized he is just going through the new player phase where they automatically think they are great upon reaching the mid-high level 20 range. I say let him brag, he'll see how foolish he is when he is "stuck" in bronze V.

Seriously though TC, stop saying that about Anivia. It makes you seem incredibly stupid.
XBL: iiTryHaard LoL IGN: Pintbomb
Yes, i i do try hard http://www.lowbird.com/data/images/2012/08/imgur-dofor.jpg
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