what are some of your efforts to break the meta?

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User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#21
From: Beech_tibs | #019
enlighten me

It's mostly a semantics issue.

To start, you kinda haven't even begun to describe the meta. All you did was list lane composition. The meta is the game plan with which you intend to use to win the game. To say that "I'm going to put a guy in each lane" is your game plan is like saying that the meta is to kill things and use the money they drop to buy items that let you kill more things.

The meta is a tad bit more involved than that...

The single most important part of the meta is Team Composition. This is more important than your item build, what champions go in each lane, the priority you assign to objectives, or anything else. For sake of example, I'm going to create two different teams.

Team A:
Top: Renekton
Mid: Brand
Jungle: Warwick
ADC: Twitch
Support: Nunu

Team B:
Top: Garen
Mid: Orianna
Jungle: Amumu
ADC: Miss Fortune
Support: Lulu

Now, at a glance these two teams seem to be generic teams, right? They both have bruisers, ap mids, tank junglers, and adc/support bot lanes. However, as far as the Meta is concerned, one of these teams has a far superior game plan. More experienced players will tell you that, assuming equal skill, Team B is going to wipe the floor with Team A.

Team B is built around one of the key strategies that makes for popular game plans. They have strong initiation and AoE teamfight that allows them to push objectives in the midgame with impunity. Amumu Bandage toss while protected by the Ball will create the perfect opportunity for follow up with Shockwave, locking the entire team down for more than enough time for Miss Fortune to drop her entire ult. Garen is going to spin through the entire enemy team, apply Black Cleaver stacks so his carry does more damage, and once he gets to the ADC he's going to get Rampant Growth from Lulu to knock the carry up, further displacing them. Assuming that the carry is somehow still not dead after 6 seconds of not being able to move, Lulu can turn them into a squirrel while Miss Fortune BANG BANGs them.

Meanwhile, Team A... has no initiation at all, really. In order to win teamfights, they are relying on Warwick and Renekton to somehow clump up the entire enemy team so that Twitch and Brand and kill them. But they don't actually have a way to do that. Even with Reverie and Shard of True Ice from Nunu, Renekton cannot close gaps enough to create an opening for his team. He'll just get kited by the high mobility of Team B, poked down, and killed if he ever tries to go in. Nor does Team A have any way to stop Team B from initiating on them. Warwick will never get in range to ult MF, not until Curse of the Sad Mummy and Shockwave are over. And by then Twitch will already be dead because he lacks and escape and his team lacks peel. While Team A certainly fits the Meta Lane Composition, it does not fit the Meta Team Composition and puts itself at a significant disadvantage because of it.

Which is why you can't just give me a lane composition and call it meta. There is far more to playing this game than sticking someone in each lane.
I'm actually incredibly overly passionate and...whats the word...viscous? - EltoniaX

User Info: lightdragoon88

4 years ago#22
Taking Clarity as a spell for support it seems with how people been chewing me about it here...>_>
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User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#23
Now, when people say they want to "go against the Meta", I interpret this to mean that they want to go against Lane Composition, because by definition "going against the meta" means "playing the game without a plan and hoping we'll win", which is... not very effective. But if you had a plan that supported your unorthodox lane composition, that would make sense.

Notice that when I described my roaming Taric idea, I included some sample champions that I thought the plan would work well with. I described how having Blue Buff Caitlyn or Urgot would allow them to survive the 2v1 and so on. That was me incorporating Team Composition into the game plan I was describing. If you truly wish to make Support Roam Garen work, you'd have to do the same thing. You'd need to, say, have a Top Shen and a Jungle Nocturne, as this gives your team the mobility they need to react to opportunities you create through your roaming. Or maybe a mid Karthus/Twisted Fate for the same reason. Alternatively, put a strong ADC in the mid lane like Caitlyn, put a decent AP up top like Rumble, and then get a strong 2v1 in the bot lane like Yorick. You've got a strong frontline between Yorick and Garen and pretty good initiation from Rumble which will keep your farmed Cait safe while giving her moments to attack. Follow that up with a jungle that can capitalize on your roaming (again, Nocturne or Shen would be best I'm thinking) and suddenly your lane composition starts to sound like a game plan that might work.

That's what I'm trying to reinforce here. If you don't have a plan, you will always lose to teams that do (ie the meta) assuming the teams are equal.
I'm actually incredibly overly passionate and...whats the word...viscous? - EltoniaX

User Info: Rajamic

4 years ago#24
Playing a bursty AP Assassin like Kat as an offensive-style support. Worked incredibly well alongside a Diana as the other person bottom, as the other side was scared to do much of anything out of fear we'd be able to burst them even directly under tower.
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