do you automatically think that anyone using a free champ will do badly?

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  3. do you automatically think that anyone using a free champ will do badly?

User Info: thedarklordx3

4 years ago#21
Master Of The Dead posted...
I believe that everyone will do badly, regardless of skin or free champ.

that's.... cynical

P00DGE posted...
I only play with champions I own, but I do not own skins for all the champions I own.

if akali ain't free there's no need for a skin to prove that you know what you're doing

infinitexx posted...
I usually worry when I see the free champs being used on first couple days of the free week.

hopefully the first time nasus on tuesday is better by friday
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User Info: BIadeBIade

4 years ago#22
I don't even keep track of free week rotation anymore.
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User Info: NicoGrimm

4 years ago#23
I used to think that if someone had a skin, they were at least decent with rhe champ. But after seeing countless people do horribly with 6300 ip champs, and skins, and others do well with 450 ip, and free champs, Ive learned not to do that.
"So selfish them" would be their cry. And, who'd be brave to argue? Doin' what you people need is never on the menu!

User Info: xKotovSyndrome

4 years ago#24
...You say that, but there are some people with skins for the characters that are really really bad.

Prime example, last game, my first Normal game in months, I play Lux, no skin. The other team has a Steel Legion Lux going mid against me.

...I was 4/1 (We traded for the first kill) within 11 minutes. I only killed that Lux.

The pretty colors and clothes don't mean anything if the pilot is bad.
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User Info: nomore

4 years ago#25
I do tend to assume that..
Often with good reason. Every game I've played this week has had an Amumu or Lux in, usually doing terrible. "First time lol".
Isn't always the case, but often is.

But then if I play blindpick I usually blind counter whatever the most common free champ for the week/lane is

User Info: LANKAI09

4 years ago#26
Only when they're on my team

User Info: JuliMizrahi

4 years ago#27
I generally look at the whole team.

1 person using a free champ.... nothing wrong.
5 people using free champs.... we're going to mop the floor with them.
There are no stupid questions. Just pointless questions asked in incredibly stupid ways.
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  3. do you automatically think that anyone using a free champ will do badly?

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