Does Janna need boots?

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User Info: I_love_SunnyD

4 years ago#11
Rihawf posted...
then you use w


I usually opt out on buying Tier 2 boots until much later in the game, but I would never go without them.
I actually prefer the purple stuff

User Info: Supat0ny

4 years ago#12
Boots are normally my last item on Janna... and that's if I feel as if I don't need anything else.
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User Info: pinkpantherfan5

4 years ago#13
W is and passive are % though =<
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User Info: Fire_Away

4 years ago#14
I love getting boots of mobility for late game. It makes your ability to ward/clear with Oracles superior to any other support in the game.
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User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#15
But Janna with Boots of Mobility is so much fun! :3
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