Top Lane Champ Pick.

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User Info: Blackmoth01

4 years ago#1
I'm debating between three champs which one I should buy. The champs are Vlad, Fiora, and Elise. If you guys can list pros and cons of each.

User Info: DesertShinobi

4 years ago#2
Get elise since she is really strong right now in the current meta. She has % hp abilities allowing her to build tanky while giving her good dmg.

Vlad is good since late game he is really tanky while doing lots of dmg thanks to his passive. He has a weak 1-8 but that fixes itself after a revolver and lvl 9.

Fiora is pretty bad especially since other champs just kinda destroy her in lane and with the current meta, she just isnt as good. Going to ult someone usually just ends up with you screwing yourself over not to mention u have no escapes and have to all in someone just to use your combo.
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User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#3
Vlad is really weak early on, Fiora can be counterpicked easily but Elise is the most solid overall.
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User Info: dovahkiin

4 years ago#4
Elise is pprobably the best out of those 3, but Vlad is the most fun to play imo

User Info: ThyCorndog

4 years ago#5
elise if you want to take the time to learn a very good champion
vlad if you want an easier champion that can still get kills and win games
fiora if you want to get lots of kills and lose lots of games
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User Info: Chielz0r

4 years ago#6
Fiora gets countered by almost every single popular top champ, but if you do somehow manage to get her fed she can singlehandedly kill the enemy team.
Always pick Fiora if your enemy is stupid enough to choose GP top. :)

User Info: Sexypwnstar

4 years ago#7
Fiora is damned fun, not the most practical, but she's fun.

Just don't pick her against anyone that stacks armor, even if you get a LW or BC, you won't be able to do too much to them.

Also, she doesn't lose to that many people, she can easily beat most bruisers that don't build tanky and rush a sunfire.

User Info: udropthesoap

4 years ago#8
I'd say go with Elise since she is often the best out of those 3 for most situations. Fiora is in a really bad spot right now imo. Vlad is fairly easy to grasp the basics of, but some of his matchups are really hard to survive early on. Elise wins against most popular top laners and takes only a few games to get the hang of.
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