Okay Riot. You wanna buff towers? Then reduce their range

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  3. Okay Riot. You wanna buff towers? Then reduce their range

User Info: kimimaru5

4 years ago#21
Suffer_Not posted...
From: kirbymuncher | #018
Suffer_Not posted...
which is more than enough time for a late game Twitch to kill one.

I dunno, they get a pretty big armour buff when no minions are around

and if minions are nearby, why bother outranging in the first place?

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For 5 seconds Twitch has 2.5 attack speed thanks to Ambush, giving us 12 attacks. For the remaining 2 seconds he only has 1.7 attack speed, which brings our total attacks up to 15. He'll have a total of 500 attack damage with Red Pot ticking, and Armor Pen is pointless to calculate because it does not affect Towers. That's 7500 damage without mitigation, and Towers only take 33% damage after accounting for their armor. This brings us to 2475 damage, just shy of actually killing it. But then we account for the extra 5% damage to turrets from Destruction, which rounds us out at 2598, 48 points over a turret's max health.

Although if you have 18k gold on Twitch you could probably just win teamfights, so in that aspect it is not really necessary...

Why are all of your posts so good.
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User Info: Suffer_Not

4 years ago#22
From: xRustySpoon | #020
Statement is invalid. Nobody is getting Destruction on Twitch, real talk.

Then I would get 3 bloodthirsters and to hell with fighting things that are not towers.
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User Info: dragonfire55

4 years ago#23
Or just walk up and finish it within range?
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  3. Okay Riot. You wanna buff towers? Then reduce their range

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