I know Talon is viewed as underpowered but hear me out.

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  3. I know Talon is viewed as underpowered but hear me out.

User Info: HarvestMoonMan5

4 years ago#1
When i used to play talon a lot back in the beginning of season 2, i had a tremendous amount of fun playing him, but with lackluster results. I was looking through my ranked stats after playing two ranked games with talon today for the first time in months and absolutely stomping. What did i see? Season 3 stats indicating that im 7-0 with talon. I know this doesnt mean much especially considering im sitting in Gold IV but still, this new info sparked my interest. Anyway, what i want to say is this: The season 3 changes have been nothing but good for talon. Warmogs stacking is not nearly as common as it was in s2, which was the thing that made talon fall off so hard (he can't burst anyone he pleases if they stack health, he simply cannot). On top of this, the changes to BoTRK actually made him a force to be reckoned with. Brutalizer > Blade of the Boom Bing > Start Last Whisper > Finish Cleaver > Finish Last Whisper > Guardian Angel literally makes him a dominating force throughout the ENTIRE game. Haven't experimented extensively with him past 40 minutes but he's in a MUCH better place than he was last season. Anyway, what do you guys think, could talon see a rise in popularity much as Zed recently has? I know Zed scales far better into late game due to his passive, and i'm not saying Talon is better than Zed since we all know that to be false. Just food for thought.
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User Info: Camel-Rider

4 years ago#2
taawww lang dant rade
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User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#3

also Talon is outclassed by Zed and therefore sucks.
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User Info: xRustySpoon

4 years ago#4
why would you build bork on talon.
Get dumpstered.
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User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#5

however he's not underpowered and still very strong. he did get overnerfed tho when league of cleavers was going around.
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User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#6
Talon's not underpowered wtf he's fine.

also build Bloodthirster over Bork in 90% of cases.

When you have AD ratios like that building BoRK is a waste. Zed has a bigger BoRK window because of how his ultimate functions.

Also Trinity Force is p strong on Talon too when you have money flying out your ass after you're done with your core build.
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User Info: DarkLaguna

4 years ago#7
I've seen several Talon Mids do great (And they were on my team, thankfully). Anywhere else he's pretty lackluster, though, except certain matchups (like against Teemo top).

About the Zed vs. Talon argument; There actually are a few matchups that favor Talon, because of his silence. Fiddlesticks, for example, can fear Zed right after his R and then proceed to lifesteal and silence after, and ends up getting the better of the deal. Talon has Fiddle silenced while he does his full combo, and can R for stealth to get out if neccessary. Silence is pretty low on the CC tier, but it's better than nothing; All Zed has is his E slow (that any champion can match with FH/RS/etc.).

Overall, Zed has more favorable matchups, but there are a few instances where Talon would do better...
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User Info: G0dSlay3r

4 years ago#8
aHappySacka posted...

also Talon is outclassed by Zed and therefore sucks.

Took a break from LoL for more than a month.

Back then it was "derp Zed sucks, has energy issues, Talon outclasses him and has more AoE".


User Info: dark_lord_havoc

4 years ago#9
Talon is better if you would like some AoE damage and against champs who get screwed by silences. Zed is better for single target burst and can be played with a mana intensive jungler.

Both are strong in what they do.

User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#10
aHappySacka posted...

also Talon is outclassed by Zed and therefore sucks.
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  3. I know Talon is viewed as underpowered but hear me out.

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