Are people using some sort of macro to call roles? Why does the server not see?

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  3. Are people using some sort of macro to call roles? Why does the server not see?

User Info: iCurious

4 years ago#1
I get into a game and call a role TWICE on my screen, and 2 seconds later someone else calls it. Without fail they claim they called it first, copying and pasting the chat with their name appearing first. Usually one person will back them up. Why is this? I'm like the first to load into games. My ping is good. I can't wrap my mind around this -_-..

Duo que deception or am I missing some sort of timing rule when it comes to role calling?
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User Info: HostileFire

4 years ago#2
Almost certain it's duo queue deception if they don't say "I called mid first" then post the chatlog. | Steam ID: HostileFire

User Info: Skul_

4 years ago#3
When you send a message, it appears on your client before it appears on everyone elses. It seems to be the way riot has programmed the client (lol air). It must place the message in your log, then send it to the server so everyone else gets it.
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User Info: DarkLaguna

4 years ago#4
Depending on their computer (and possibly slighty depending on their internet connection), players will enter the lobby at different times.

My computer is a beast and will almost always load first, so I literally have to wait a second or two before I call a role or no one will see it. My roommates play, and their computers are generally 0.5-1 second slower loading the pre-game lobby than mine is.

So, if you're doing the Copy/Paste thing everyone does, if you have a good computer, wait a second before you paste it, or paste it multiple times (like, up to 3-4 seconds after you load). If there's STILL contention, either copy/paste the entire chatlog, or ask if anyone else can do it for you (again, playing with two roommates, I can have them do it).

Just keep in mind that if you have a slow computer, the opposite may be true; You might be loading after someone has already called a spot, but it looks to you like you were the first one to call it. That's why it's best to have someone else post the chat log, or confirm who called first.

And if nothing else; Hey, it's blind pick normals, so just lock in whoever you want to play and make a kill lane or duo top if you have to. The enemy team will get stuck with duo ADC's/Mids/etc. just as often as your team will, and going against the meta isn't a bannable offense. In ranked you're better off just going by pick order, or even better, trying to work with your team if possible.
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User Info: iCurious

4 years ago#5
I see. I'm honestly assuming that I'm loading in faster and they're not seeing it then. I'd made it a rule to post it twice for this very reason since a friend told me they might miss it if I post too fast. I'm upping it to 4 calls now. And then locking my champ.

edit: And naturally the next thing that happens is I enter a game where no one calls anything as I call mid, and they all calmly select things and lock in one by one.
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  3. Are people using some sort of macro to call roles? Why does the server not see?

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