upcoming volibear nerf

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User Info: wehomies

4 years ago#1
so his q's movement speed of 45% (from all levels) --> 30/35/40/45/50%
what do you guys think? think it's a big enough nerf to take him out of borderline op-ness or even top-tier?

User Info: LordFarquad1312

4 years ago#2
Only early game. He should be fine.
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User Info: Wayavas

4 years ago#3
im glad they arent nerfing his W
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User Info: Herostratus_

4 years ago#4
late game buff yes pls
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User Info: SteelFighter

4 years ago#5
so... R>W>Q>E now?
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User Info: MegaSTV

4 years ago#6
It's a significant nerf because it makes his ganks much less deadly early on, which is when he has a high capacity for winning lanes. I don't like this nerf.
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User Info: Metalzdragon

4 years ago#7
Pretty huge nerf since most of his power comes from his amazing early game ganks especially since most people don't usually max out Q on Volibear asap either.
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