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User Info: mattislegion

4 years ago#1
Add whatever you've learned about solo queue success.

1. Talk to your team mates as little as possible. Say things like timers, tell them when to group (as politely as possible), when do to objectives, things like that. But other than that try to communicate with them as little as possible. If they start to rage, mute them.

2. Play only a few champions. Knowing how to play every role is optimal, but specializing is fine and more realistic. Pick strong champions that you enjoy playing and pick them as much as possible.

3. At the beginning of champion select tell your team what role you want by saying "top pref", "ad pls", "mid is my best", NOT "mid or afk". "jungle or feed." If you don't get your role be able to fill without feeding.


5. DO NOT GIVE UP IN THE FIRST FIVE MINUTES OF THE GAME. Be quiet, and play it out. It's incredibly easy to throw the game in League of Legends. Just because you're down 5-0 does not mean you cannot come back and win. And definitely do not start raging at your feeding team mates. Ever. If you truly care about winning, never forfeit. Epic comebacks are never made by quitters. I've had plenty of wins where at first the game seemed like a certain defeat.
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User Info: Bhallspawn

4 years ago#2
6. Never play ranked on weekends...

User Info: JennaTahlia

4 years ago#3
7. Carry harder
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User Info: Habnot

4 years ago#4
8. Ban Shaco before your team picks him.
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User Info: gaara999999

4 years ago#5
gank ****, never feed, buy a ward
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User Info: arys75

4 years ago#6
Number 5 is sooooo right.

User Info: darkwing1232

4 years ago#7
9. Stick to the Meta while solo queing. Do not attempt anything radical like duo jungle or two tops unless you have a complete team of people you know.

User Info: DerpyAssassin

4 years ago#8
11. Blame on yourself, even though its team's fault ;)
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User Info: Susan0

4 years ago#9
12) AFK until it's your turn to pick and fill a role if necessary. Never fight over a role. It's stupid
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User Info: Pyrizzla

4 years ago#10
Bhallspawn posted...
6. Never play ranked on weekends...

Especially Long bank holiday weekends I learnt the hard way and have quit ranked for 2 weeks
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