Which champ makes you panic as an opponent?

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User Info: Hyper Inferno

Hyper Inferno
4 years ago#11
Good Shacos are an utter pain to play against in the jungle.
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User Info: kisame847

4 years ago#12
For some ungodly reason my greatest fear is annie. Not once have I ever defeated an annie, not with tswain(my main who I have crushed even his counters with), fizz, malz, syndra, ahri, kha zix, talon, diana, or zed. Basically I have faced annie as every mid I have and have never beaten her once without consistent jungler presence. It is my greatest shame
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User Info: SavageSoul21

4 years ago#13
Hyper Inferno posted...
Good Shacos are an utter pain to play against in the jungle.

A good Shaco player is a nightmare to me. It is the only time i have ever played a game where i felt completely and utterly helpless. One game in particular stands out where a Shaco ended up getting 29 kills. Everyone else on both teams got like 0-3
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User Info: zefig

4 years ago#14
Karthus. Fortunately he seems to have dropped off the face of earth. As long as he is not revived in tourneys, the earth will continue to spin.
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User Info: GHExpert123

4 years ago#15
DartDragoon posted...
Blitz, no other champ in the game has a skill that spells instand death for you if you get hit by it... **** Blitz

Veigar's stun would like to have a word with you.
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User Info: FlipManV3

4 years ago#16
Jax, Yi, and a few others.
I know, I'm still fairly new to this game.
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User Info: Salvatore

4 years ago#17
I can't deal with Lux. Every other champion I can handle, but Lux always rips me to shreds.

I have an iron rule of never starting a jungle objective if Lux cannot be accounted for.
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User Info: peetot

4 years ago#18
I play mostly mid. I hate going against Kass and LB.

That gapclosing bursting silence where I just stand there like "ok fine kill me".

User Info: wehomies

4 years ago#19
ManTiger posted...
Good Shen and zed

Zed is easier to learn though IMHO
Zed is just the matter of knowing how to skill combo
With Shen people falsely think he's eat to play with because his skills aren't complex. It probably sounds weird to gear but once I reached gold and then in plat I realized when Shen is even decently used, he's the most frustrating champ to deal with

Shen is all over the place 24/7 and won't die

any shen won't die while being all over the place
good ones will know when to be all over the place
good zed will seirously **** you up in few seconds.

User Info: HyperShadow4321

4 years ago#20
Assuming the person knows how to play the champion and has the potential of getting fed...

Fiddlesticks. I just try my best to stay the **** away from him as much as possible.

Blitzcrank. Even if you suck at the game, you can do well with Blitzcrank. Some Blitz players are incredibly predictable and just try to "grab2win", but he can be a real terror.

Singed. I absolutely hate this guy on the other team. All he has to do is use gas and throw people, so in teamfights he is pretty much guaranteed to charge me down (when I'm playing ADC) and chase me away. Playing against him on top lane isn't too bad. I usually play Malphite top so if he tries to throw me then I can just Q him and run away. Singed w/ just about anyone else in a duo lane though. **** that.

Jarvan. No comments needed. Hate this guy. It's so blissfully awesome when you flash out of his ultimate though.

Veigar. Just does a ridiculous amount of damage, and that damn stun. I played a premade 5s last night where a Veigar just wiped the floor with us even though his team was pretty bad.

Nidalee. You only have to be mildly decent at throwing her spears to be a royal pain to your lane opponent. I love playing her as much as I hate playing against her.
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