One thing DotA2 does better

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User Info: ritz2

4 years ago#31
Turn speed is a fine design choice.

thedarklordx3 posted...
ritz2 posted...

Comebacks are more likely to happen in dota because of the loss of gold on death, and because many champs are so functionally similar, a slight gold advantage means they snowball and should come out on top. This is further exacerbated by the fact that in LoL, items become much more cost efficient when you combine them, unlike Dota. Team composition also matters much more in dota, but that's because lots of skills are wonky and affected and unaffected by certain abilities and items because of the way the way they were designed to get around the limits of the warcraft 3 engine.

User Info: twopoundcow

4 years ago#32
face_machine posted...
The thing I like the most is the huge amount of lines each hero has. Specific lines for buying certain items and lines with certain allied or enemy heroes are really awesome. I wish Riot would do more stuff like that...

I love that kind of thing. Gives a game personality.

User Info: Unavailable

4 years ago#33
DotA2 does a huge number of things better.

I still play League because I've invested a bunch of time and money into it, and almost everyone I know (engineering school) plays LoL. If I played neither and everyone and their mother didn't play League, I'd start playing DotA instead and learn to play that.
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User Info: Blighttown

4 years ago#34
_HeX posted...
I don't like the "floaty" combat in Dota 2, it feels like you're moving around on ice the whole time and even more so when you're actually moving on the ice. And the delay on abilities is annoying as well.

yeah it's because they're turning in dota whereas your characters in lol just immediately face the direction you want to go
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