So did anyone else get a survey from Riot?

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User Info: FvP

4 years ago#11
Sell UFO Corki for a limited time, pls

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User Info: HagenEx

4 years ago#12
I feel like champs would need to have a consistent background among themselves to actually make me want to pay extra cash for limited or exclusive skins.

I don't feel related to any of the champs and I think theyre pretty standard in both their design and their lore (If you can call the champions' background that), and I play the game for the gameplay exclusively.

Skins are just a way to make money and add no substantial gameplay modification whatsoever.

User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#13
XxMistahKrazyxX posted...
And also don't quote or require the guy about running virus scan or changing my password

I opened my email and took the survey from my cell phone. So it won't do anything to my comp or risk security.

I'm more interested on peoples thoughts on these ideas

You let them get into your phone? It's only a matter of time before it turns into a Decepticon like in the Transformers movie.

Personally, idc about my skins being limited availability, but I do get where people are coming from when they want them to remain special.

Simple compromise in my eyes would be to release pallette swaps of them with different names. That way people who weren't around get skins similar to old ones, while the people who already have them keep their limited edition status.
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User Info: kirbyakaZ

4 years ago#14
I've gotten one before. Where you asked at the end if you could go to Santa Monica and get paid $100 to be asked questions about League? I did one of those last week, I still have like $20 left. It was great.
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User Info: DarkLaguna

4 years ago#15
I only started playing last year. As much as I'd love some of those exclusive skins... I agree that they should be something special, something earned, and they shouldn't be re-released. If people want exclusive skins, have Riot release some more limited availability skins, so people can buy them and in a year or two feel special.

I'm not some entitled kid that thinks I deserve everything. If someone bought a skin back in 2010 and has been supporting the game since then, they deserve to have something that 99% of the playerbase doesn't. I'm all for earning stuff, not having them handed to me...
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User Info: shadyelf

4 years ago#16
instead of bringing back older limited skins they should have made newer ones but then they do this legacy crap. Either make them permanently gone or keep them in the store forever.
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