Got a bunch of RP, want a new skin

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User Info: centurion911

4 years ago#1
I want suggestions on what skins to get.
Resident Zed, Irelia, and Rumble player

User Info: LaqOfInterest

4 years ago#2
Buy me Ice Drake Shyvana
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User Info: Unit1027

4 years ago#3
Fisherman fizz

User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#4
Arcade Sona.

Are we just supposed to suggest random skins we like, or are there criteria of some sort?
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User Info: FvP

4 years ago#5
Valk Leona is on sale.
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User Info: Blighttown

4 years ago#6
zed irelia rumble skin there you go bam boom
hi im toki u suck

User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#7
Gladiator Draaaaaaaaaaven

User Info: Nazgl5LordofNaz

4 years ago#8
Gold Alistar.
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User Info: XxMistahKrazyxX

4 years ago#9
Well I would say any skin for Zed, Irelia, or Rumble...

Since your sig and all...

User Info: FoxDragon13

4 years ago#10
Blackfrost Anvia...

Dat egg.....
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