My goal: Reach gold by the end of season 3

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User Info: Klobzi

4 years ago#31
Masemune_100 posted...
Klobzi posted...
Go Kha'Zix mid, such a good pick for mid. You can start making plays when you're at level 3, Leap onto enemy, Void spikes while Leaping, basic attack and Taste Their Fear. Enough to scare them a bit. Rinse and repeat.

Of course, most likely you won't always be able to do this in some lane matchups. In that case, stay passive till level 6, evolve your Void Spikes, push and roam. Kha'Zix is really good at ganking because of his damage. I've been maining him lately and has some great success with him.

You know you don't have to wait till 3 for that right? Buy a red pot, get Q, do wraiths/wolves, hit 2 before whoever you're laning against, get Leap, get passive up, wait a second to see if they get isolated, pop red pot, Leap > Ignite > Q > AA > counter Flash for kill if necessary. Most champs at level 1 die to that without getting a chance to flash if you do it fast enough.

I'm not good enough to do that yet. Besides, my opponents are always playing smart against me so it's hard for me to seize the opportunity.

User Info: Doc_Hellraiser

4 years ago#32
The only way to really carry your team in solo queue is pick someone who can initiate and win teamfights regardless if he is fed or not. Note: I said fed, you always need farm so being underfarmed is always bad, although some pick are more useful than other even with little farm. Basically assume that the lane will turn into a farm lane, pick someone who is still a pain to deal with when teamfights start despite having 0 kill and assists.

This is why amumu is so good and banned so much, he dominates teamfights and has solid damage output even against bruisers due to %HP damage while still being very tanky. He's also a jungler so you can't really counterpick him, he can be counterjungled but that won't stop him from using his game-winning Q+ult.

Malphite wins lanes against most melee AD champs, he initiates fights with his ult, severely reduces the damage of autoattackers nearby with his E and is very good at killing the enemy ad carry while being very tanky.

Singed wins lanes against melees, pushes/farms easily after he gets some sustain and in team fights he can dive and fling their carry to start fights, he's very disruptive with his poison once he gets rilay's and very difficult to peel.

Blitzcrank forces the enemy team to play around him as one good grab is all it takes to win a teamfight before it even starts since he can chain CC a grabbed carry making it die before it can even try to flash.

Morgana is very difficult to force out of lane, nearly impossible to gank (she needs to have E on CD and be really deep in the lane, even then she can get away with snare+flash or her ult), can push all day and outpush many champions which means she can roam and gank easily. Her snares are very useful for peeling and initiating, her shield can save you or your carry from otherwise certain death due to blocking spell effects (CC) for 5 seconds. And her ult can initiate and win teamfights.

Anivia is a solid pusher and farmer, can prevent the enemy from taking a tower with her ult nearly forever, has a built in GA passive and a long range stun which can initiate fights. Also a very useful wall. All of that in addition to good damage.

Annie has the "lol bear stun" which can initiate and win teamfights. Also solid burst which allows her to instagib a lot of enemy laner if they make one mistake.

Twisted fate gets other lanes fed with his ult and has a solid stun even if the range is a bit short and it can be tricky to use when under pressure. Also has good poke and decent burst.

Sona has a teamfight winning ult you can also use to initiate.

Leona is an excellent peeler and kill/bully lane support that can initiate fights. Also has a ranged AoE stun ult, although not as good as Sona's.

A lot of teams in silver in my experience lose because they lack ways to start and finish a teamfight on their terms. Yes you need damage, but with damage alone you don't win if the enemy has the means to stop you from doing damage (and kill you).
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User Info: SergeantGander

4 years ago#33
Hey TC, I'm silver 5 as well and am trying to get to gold. IGN is Discretemoose I'm at work now, but maybe we can play sometime. I typically main mid, jungle, and support if I am with a good adc I know.
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User Info: Masemune_100

4 years ago#34
Klobzi posted...
h to do that yet. Besides, my opponents are always playing smart against me so it's hard for me to seize the opportunity.

Well, I've been playing Kha since release so I guess I have a lot of his combos and stuff down. But it really doesn't matter how smart they are if you just auto do it at level 2. Most people don't have the reaction time to Kha jumping them randomly. You don't really have to wait for them to get isolated either, that's just one of the things that will make sure they die.
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User Info: xSighx

4 years ago#35
Here are the results of my past 3 games (normals) what could I have done differently to win?

Game 1: Support Lulu
Twitch flash + autos against Zyra/Twitch lane and gives up first blood, I die moments later. We were both at 50% and they were both full. I have no idea why he would go all in like that, without any pings. Misclick? Or just dumb? I call for ganks bot because we're getting pushes really hard. No ganks arrive till our turret is near dead. I do a good job of warding, trying to poke and peel for Twitch, but he constantly makes overaggressive plays which lead to him getting rooted and chunked, all while being really far behind in CS.

We finally get a gank, and I tell Xin to wait at our tower while I clear wards in the lane bushes (I have been buying pinks to try to get some control.) He says 'okay' and then AS I am auto attacking their ward, he enters the bush and gives them vision, so we miss our one opportunity to make a play. From that point on, our top lane is feeding, our mid Akali is randomly turret diving and giving free kills (Zyra just roots her under turret) and I am barely able to afford wards at this point. I'm the only one who wards, though, so our vision is lacking. Every time I try to ask for help I get flamed.

Twitch says 'support is bad', Akali says 'Lulu you never help' when I'm warding dragon and she turret dives and I'm nowhere near her. Is this a case of my team being inept or could I have done something differently? Maybe built more AP to try to deal more damage?

Game 2: Top Riven
I was Riven top vs Tryndamere. I buy red pot early on, hit level 2 and all in Tryn for first blood. Easy. I go 4-0 in lane because he constantly tries to fight me and I train him. Good. I'm winning lane. I'm tripling his CS, pink warding so he won't see my jungler coming (although my jungler never comes anyway) and I'm completely zoning him, to the point I'm level 9 to his level 5. Unfortunately bot lost their turret, Vayne is 0/8 and Blitz is 0/11.

Varus at this point has 200 cs at 20 minutes and he's 10/0. I ask Rengar to help me tag team top turret so I can push the wave deep near enemy blue and start roaming without Tryndamere coming along and making people focus him in the team fight (I had a feeling they would).
Rengar comes top and instead of focusing the turret with me he dives Tryndamere. Tryndamere finally has ult, and Zyra is mia so I'm spamming retreat ping. I dash in, stun Tryndamere, and Q out to try to imply to rengar that I'm disengaging, but apparently he takes my retreat pings and my stun-> disengage as a sign that I'm comitting to the fight. He ends up dying and then of course Zyra shows up and locks me up and Tryn gets a double kill.

OK fine, mistakes happen, I'm still 2 kills and 70 CS ahead of Tryndamere. Well as it turns out it doesn't matter, Tryndamere with any number of kills is already out of control ridiculous fed and he can 1v1 me easily. Vayne gets caught every few minutes, Blitz pulls Taric every fight and gets me or Vayne chain CCd, Rengar is 1v3ing, Varus is free farming at our bot inhibitor while I try to wave clear and everyone else rushes dragon (which isn't even up) and at this point I've gone from 4/0 to 7/5 because I apparently can't win duels against a varus with 13 kills.

Game 3:
This is a short one. I was playing twisted treeline aka 2v3. Nidalee face checks after my duo queue and I tell her not to, and she gives up first blood. Then she says in all chat 'my team is bad im out' and disconnects from the game. We are Vi and Diana vs Orianna, Renekton, and an admittedly very skilled Nidalee who utilizes fog of war to land full range spears like a pro. I end the game at 15 minutes 3/1 which is pretty decent considering we were 2 against 3, but of course, we werent able to contest any objectives. Nidalee spears + Orianna ult + Renekton dive too strong.

What am I doing wrong? How come I can't carry dummies? >__<

User Info: Gainazzo

4 years ago#36
If you really can carry Riven is the best pick, the ultimate hardest carry ever existed in the league.

User Info: xSighx

4 years ago#37
Yeah I mean when I do carry it's usually I'm like 15/3 and can 1v3 people, but if I'm not fed, I don't have time to do much before, like, that Varus with 13 kills 3 shots me :P

User Info: Sexypwnstar

4 years ago#38
here's a tip, wards don't do jack s*** unless you have map awareness

User Info: RandomEvil

4 years ago#39
Any monkey can hit plat, it's not difficult, just spam games and don't die for being at places you shouldn't be.

User Info: Final_Hatsamu

4 years ago#40
Here's a tip ...and a spear behind it.


Anyway, my advice is just: keep playing.

Yes, you will have games with good laning phases and then realize you just can't win because your team sucks.

My last game I was 4/0/2 with Rumble and had double cs than their top laner just a 10 minutes in.
When Mid Game started, our carry was 1/6, our support 0/7 and their carry 9/1 and I don't remember how many kills their mid and jungler had.
My team was "no problem, we have Rumble, we can win", I replied "yes, we can, but we need to focus Cait next teamfight". Soon after a teamfight starts and my team try to burst their Volibear down... then it happened AGAIN.

What I'm I supposed to do after that? Answer: Keep playing.
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