Which team would be most op if you have 5 of the same champs?

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User Info: cuban69

4 years ago#21
Interfusor posted...
5 Blitz would be funny, grabbing someone in tandem across the map.

This is the best I can think of. Of course their Karthus yadda yadda, but imagine getting chain grabbed from the middle of the map all the way to the inhibitor or something? Or from the inhib all the way to the fountain?
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User Info: King_of_Now

4 years ago#22
Good luck killing team Kayle

Try farming against team Caitlyn

Enjoy dodging skillshots against team Blitzcrank

ROFL at your opponents as team Karthus

Assassinate everything as team Zed

Unkillable team Anivia

Shrooms by the bucketload with team Teemo

Team Poppy will make an interesting teamfight

Get pushed around by team Alistair

Early game will be fun as team LeBlanc

Never see a lane again with team Cho' Gath taking up the entire screen

User Info: oranpoke

4 years ago#23
If you had 5 ap Amumus who actually could land their Qs, they would do some op AoE.

User Info: Beech_tibs

4 years ago#24
fizz or kayle, gotta pick champs that arent going to get shutdown in lane
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User Info: Hopz_7

4 years ago#25
5 fiddlesticks. All 5 ult in and throw silence. That just hit the team 25 times. The n each casts fear on someone different and then drain. Easy team kill. Nothing could survive 5 fiddle ults during a 3 second drain. Karthus would never get strong enough to make a difference. You probably wouldn't even need drain. 5 ults would probably wipe the team during the 3 second fear.
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User Info: Brt83

4 years ago#26
i agree with the five fiddlesticks. karthus too easy to counter with fiddlestick's most important item (zhonyas hourglass). a properly built fiddle at minute 30 deals around 500 damage per second for five seconds in ult. thats 2500 damage. if there were five consecutive fiddle ults with zhonyas... well. I dont think even Cho with 5 warmogs and a spirit visage could survive 12500 damage (just from ults) plus drain/dark wind.
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User Info: Darkyellow327

4 years ago#27
5 Brolafs. 1500 true damage to the squishies.
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User Info: synth_real

4 years ago#28
Most of these ult dependent teams are countered by Zhonyas, Banshees, or QSS.
Team Kayle gets an extra one as an ult, and deals good sustained AoE damage afterward.
Team Gangplank just eats some oranges and its k, then ults you back (doesn't work against some teams)
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User Info: Diorte

4 years ago#29

User Info: Zhenluo

4 years ago#30
5 Syndras.

Oh god those stuns and that ULT :0
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