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User Info: Brutal_Felix

4 years ago#1
This was our line up.

Alistair- top
malphite- mid
lux- support
yi- adc
amumu- jungle (me)

Yi starts off going ap he says hell go ad later. lux buys no wards im the only one that does. malph goes 0-3 fast to kat then mutes me and says i dont gank (how can i gank if you cant hear me?!) we lost hardddddddd.

i was on like a 7 game win streak too >.< i keep trying SO hard to get 10 in a row on my match history. It will never happen at this rate.
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User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#2
I like trains.
You are now blinking and breathing manually.

User Info: Exalx

4 years ago#3
Dodge next time
Monster Hunter Tri: Exalx (2ZFG9Y) HR:130+

User Info: Brutal_Felix

4 years ago#4
Exalx posted...
Dodge next time

I wanted to. But I thought we'd pull it through somehow. I was wrong. Very wrong.
Steam ID: Brutal_Felix
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User Info: NineSkiys

4 years ago#5
I had a fiora who said "this is my first ranked game, but don't worry I'm good with Fiora!"

He then goes 0/11 in lane to a TOP MAOKAI, explain that crap to me.
It's not the great who are strong, It's the strong who are great!

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