Most dead champs are riot's doing

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User Info: Thanatosz

4 years ago#21
TheGreatWeirdo posted...
Im quite new to League of legends , I started the game a couple of weeks back but did anyone ever play Galio or Gragas?

I have never faced one......ever.....

I used to play a ton of galio while he was on freeweek, and in s2 before i bought cass i mained gragas for mid
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User Info: shadyelf

4 years ago#22
From: dark_lord_havoc | #020
Galio got one of those 10 base damage nerfs on his Q and is now unplayed

he's just not that good in a meta where health stacking is the way to go and he's a champ who benefits from resists. Like rammus kind of.

User Info: Aphoristic

4 years ago#23
Skarner died when his Q went back to costing mana. Corki died when Trinity Force stopped being good on ranged ADs. You were correct about Evelynn, as her ultimate change murdered her.

Dying meaning the community stopped playing them.
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