Stop supporting as nid

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User Info: herochrisx

4 years ago#41
ssupermario92 posted...
and another thing i noticed w/ support nids, they never seem to communicate like @ all.

Every enemy team i've faced against had a support nid and refused to talk/work w/ said team and get reported like all the time

Exactly this. Not to mention they don't make themselves useful since they have no peel, and in solo queue more often than not there is an assasin on the enemy team. The problem I have with her is if you are behind you can't make any plays with her due to no CC. With Thresh/Lulu etc. you can make big plays and get those shutdowns and objectives forced.
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User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#42
it's less that Nid support is bad and more that it's more "support" nid.

by which I mean doran's ring and act-like-they're-still-mid nid.


that said I object to any support that doesn't have hard CC on practical grounds. It's like you WANT to lose bot.
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User Info: Diorte

4 years ago#43
Banking the entire validity of support Nid solely on landing her spears is exactly why you shouldn't be using her support. That's not a supportive ability, and it's a skillshot. Unless you're actually landing those spears 24/7, you're pretty useless. I hate Nid support so much. You chuck spears mid or top plz, give me Sona or Blitz or Taric support instead.

User Info: chaoshadou

4 years ago#44
_Yag_ posted...
OMGWTFPIE posted...
Nid's spear blows mid to late game if she doesn't have damage items to boost it, and if she's supporting she shouldn't have any damage gear. If it's a nid support with damage gear, she's instead gimping her team by not providing group buffs and adequate wards like what a support is supposed to do.

even with damage gear ap nid is terrible. im so sick of seeing people pick that **** because in the hands of 90% of the lol population AP nid is among the worst builds in the game. she has one damaging ability that also happens to be one of the most difficult skillshot in the game and offers practically no teamfight presence at all.

this is possibly because my friend insists on playing her and totally blows but I really hate seeing AP nid..

Do you even know what you're talking about?
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User Info: HyperShadow4321

4 years ago#45
She can support, but she's really weak early game unless she has the right ADC with her. I've been absolutely slaughtered several times by Caitlyn/Nidalee bottom lane. Two long range pokes and traps everywhere. You would think you're fighting Teemo or something.

Otherwise, it is really easy for the other team to just watch out for her and position themselves behind minions so they can dodge her spears. Mid-late game she CAN be good, but you have to be really good with her spears or else she is basically useless. During the laning phase you can get away with missing a lot of spears because it keeps your opponents on their toes and can make them lose farm, but past that missing spears screws you and your whole team.

Basically, if you get super pro with her spears then she is a terror almost everywhere... but if not then she is almost useless. I've seen Nidalee's pretty much carry their whole team.. but i've more or less come to the conclusion that I just suck too much to play Nidalee.

User Info: angelwkw3

4 years ago#46
Her heal is still a 60% AS steroid for 7 seconds, that's the best buff you could give an ADC in the game come mid to late game. It's better than Nunu's AS steroid, Janna's shield, Lulu's shield etc.
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User Info: mattislegion

4 years ago#47
Yeah, support Nid is really annoying to have to play with.
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User Info: Habnot

4 years ago#48
AP Pen support Mundo is for real men.
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