Started to struggle with Jungling, help please.

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User Info: kingsworth

4 years ago#1
I only started playing ranked frequently a couple of months ago (have about ~1200 normal games logged).

I've always been pretty good at jungling so now almost exlusively do it. Very rarely do i come across someone in ranked who also wants to jungle so I usually manage to get it. I won 6 and lost 4 of my 10 placement matches and got put in Bronze 5. After 50 or so games im now sat in Silver 1.

Up until now i've absolutely destroyed by Jungling (80% win rate with zac/vi/nautilus until i Hit silver 1, gone down to 65 % or so now), awesome ganking/counter jungling etc. But i'm finding now i'm getting matched against better people who ward more frequently and in better places/don't overextend in dangerous places I'm not doing nearly as good and im some cases end up doing pretty badly.

I can't seem to adapt, what kind of changes could I make?

Thanks for any advice.
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User Info: MtnJim

4 years ago#2
some options

-Counterjungle, depending on who you're playing, you can steal your opponents jungle pretty easily. Champs that are good at counterjungling are those who have fast clear times or strong dueling strength.

-Different gank paths, try using routes that aren't as likely to be warded. Talk to your team to find out where the wards are and plan your way around them. If you have a strong gap closer, you can even just walk down the middle of a lane. For example, if you have a Thresh support, have him toss his lamp to your tower and use it to gank bottom.

-Farm, if you really can't find anything to gank, and aren't in a position to pressure the enemy jungle, just farm yours until you can make something happen. This is something I personally need to work on (I try too hard to gank when I really can't).

-Pressure, even if your gank doesn't work, you can still pressure a lane by being in it. If you manage to burn a flash or force them to go to base, then your laner has the advantage.

-Pinks and Oracles, if you have a little disposable income, you can clear those pesky wards right out of your way.
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User Info: DJ_Limes

4 years ago#3
play champs that can hop over walls to avoid wards, like shaco/vi/zac
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  3. Started to struggle with Jungling, help please.

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