So what happens if I buy Trundle now?

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User Info: Literally_12

4 years ago#1
Do I get the classic skin and the new reworked one when it comes out or do I just get the reworked one?

User Info: ssupermario92

4 years ago#2
Super Mario Bros. 3 is better then Super Mario World
People who agree: 49 PM if you think so as well Latest person who agrees: ryana

User Info: zero3nba

4 years ago#3
But he's so smart and analytical, too. He could be a combination analyst and therapist. The world's first analrapist. - KMAnsem

User Info: Gevauden

4 years ago#4
I have no idea why they even changed Trundle in the first place he looked fine a the Troll he is, now he looks like a Giant.
LOL ign - Gonk

User Info: Biglabron

4 years ago#5
you get the special skin if you buy him before he goes live on the legit servers.
I don't always lose, but when I do it's purple sideu!!!
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  3. So what happens if I buy Trundle now?

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