Man did they Ever Butcher Karma

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User Info: _HeX

4 years ago#21
Ycore posted...
_HeX posted...
Ycore posted...
_HeX posted...
New Karma is so much better it's not even a contest.

if so, why has her win rate actually gone down vs before?

Because her popularity is 3 times as high now? Before she had a small, but loyal fanbase. After the remake she became the "new and shiny toy" that everyone wanted to try out.

That doesn't make sense. Zac has "shiny new toy syndrome" as well, yet his win rate is 50%. New Karma had nowhere to go up.. Considering she already had a crappy winrate of 40 or so %, for it to now be pulled down to 36% is pretty epic fail from a statistical standpoint.

How does it not make sense? Zac is a jungler, most people are either taking him into the jungle or in some cases top lane where he was intended to be played. Karma after the rework has been everywhere, I've seen jungle Karma and even ADC Karma.

Karma's new kit is really good and cohesive, but she is still very much a niche champion and probably always will be. If you know how to utilize her kit properly, you'll do well with her. Most common mistake is building her as a glass cannon or going full ham on people and getting blown up, Karma is all about the zone and poke.
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User Info: Deanyzy

4 years ago#22
Karma was one of my favourites before the rework but I much prefer her now. People are truly sleeping on her potential.

User Info: Savra104

4 years ago#23
Top and Mid Karma feel pretty cool.

My only complaints there are:
-Soulflare (Mantra + Q) does not feel like it's 1.5 seconds. It easily feels like it's closer to 2.5 seconds.
-Mantra could probably be lower in CD. I hear that PBE has a fix of sorts for that?

Anyone got advice on the Support side of things? I've been trying to use her but not really feeling it..
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