If I were to only play one jungler in ranked

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User Info: NicoGrimm

4 years ago#21
I assume Noc isn't played more because he's squishy. Junglers tend to be initiators in fights, and need to be able to survive a few hits. Though, I suppose yu CAN build him pure defense. I Guess.
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User Info: angermngment101

4 years ago#22
Xin easy.

User Info: darkwing1232

4 years ago#23
Nasus I am beast with him

User Info: EDumey

4 years ago#24
Not just to be different, but I'd say Cho'Gath. Even if you suck, your Ulti is going to make you pretty beefy at the end of the game. You have a ton of utility for your team, plus a true damage nuke which again needs no extra items to really do its job.

You can build him to be an immovable object. You can build him to do amazing burst AoE damage. He's very versatile and fits in with a large variety of team comps.

Plus his jungle is fairly fast and safe due to his passives.

User Info: Ravid182

4 years ago#25
I am going to go with cho.

User Info: natewei

4 years ago#26
Jarvan or Xin. They're so braindead easy

User Info: Cunningedge

4 years ago#27
XBL: Crimson Mask

User Info: gkh5

4 years ago#28
Nasus or Zac.

For Zac, two points in W then max E and you are Shaco 2.0. Stupid mobility and ganks:
LoL IGN: alpha10

User Info: joonyoungie

4 years ago#29
pinkpantherfan5 posted...
Lee sin

^If you're going to only play one jungler, play something intricate or high skillcapish.
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