New guy, how is Kayle for beginners?

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User Info: crystalfury2406

4 years ago#1
I'm just playing against bots to get a feel for the game. Is Kayle good for a rookie or is there an easier champion to start with? I have her, Ryze, Alistar and Tristana unlocked.
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User Info: SirWozzel

4 years ago#2
Kayle can be very powerful but she is very item reliant. My advice would be to google an item build for her until you get a feel for how she handles then experiment from there.
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User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
4 years ago#3, not really the best for beginners. You have to know when to engage and disengage, as well as when to use your ult. Contrary to what many others do, Kayle's ult should be used at the beginning of clashes so that the target can soak all the ults that will be fired at the start.

Ryze is a good mage for beginners, as well as Annie (easy last hits).

Aside from Alistar, you can also unlock Tristana for free. It was either liking their Facebook or YouTube channel, I forgot which.

Personal recommendations, all of which cost 450 IP:
Tanky -- Garen
Mage -- Annie, Ryze
Carry -- Ashe, Tristana
Support -- Soraka
Jungler -- Nunu (might not be a great idea to jungle this early)
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  3. New guy, how is Kayle for beginners?

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