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User Info: Bee123187

4 years ago#1
Title. You're welcome.
GC IGN: Bee123187

User Info: DarkEspeon996

4 years ago#2
What goes up, must go down. Like my grades...- black wargreykid

User Info: LOZLTTP

4 years ago#3
that was fast
Many people, of course, use 'sentimentalism' as a term of abuse for other people's decent feelings, and realism as a disguise for their own brutality. G H Hardy

User Info: g-cube_masta

4 years ago#4
there was no new champ to add and there were no client changes

I didn't expect it to take the 6 hours that they always say

whenever they changed something in the client, expect 12 hour downtime.
~GameFAQs LoL Board President~
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