What runes for jungle AND top Nasus

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User Info: darkwing1232

4 years ago#1
I do both roles with Nasus so I want to at least start out with a rune page that will benefit both roles perhaps until I have enough IP for two sheets. Would it armor and arm pen or CDR or what?

User Info: PraetorianGhost

4 years ago#2
Quints: I like movement speed but you could also take lifesteal/attack damage
Blue: Scaling/flat magic resist. Whichever you prefer
Yellow: Flat armor
Red: Armor pen.
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User Info: Shadow Edge

Shadow Edge
4 years ago#3
He can work with standard jungling runes.

Arpen isn't *that* great on him since Spirit Fire always brings monster armor to 0 or less, the point which penetration does absolutely nothing. Sure there's a downtime on Spirit Fire, but it's not really that long.

I never felt the need for CDR runes for him to be honest. There's always time to Q two monsters per camp, or 3 if you don't mind leaving the smaller monster alive while you wait for your Q.
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  3. What runes for jungle AND top Nasus

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