Will the new hurricane be a major item

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User Info: PrintScreenKey

4 years ago#1
300 gold cheaper.

The main reason people don't want to buy hurricane is because of its cost. (cost ineffective and doesn't help vs single target)
The second reason is because they don't want to use up a slot, and they are not willing to trade phantom dancer for a hurricane.
It's only 2450 on PBE notes which makes it almost gold efficient (about 2350 gold in attack speed), which means the new passive would only cost 100 gold instead of 400.
Turning a single-target ranged auto attacker into an AOE autoattacker is always very good.
Perhaps kog'maw, varus or teemo will pick it up? (the ranged atkers I can think of with on-hit, there might be more)
I could see this item replacing the last whisper for champions with on-hit. Champions like kog'maw still do about 30% of their total dmg from their on-hit after they get IE and PD.

It'll increase your on-hit damage by a factor of 3, and add some AD dmg when there are 3 champions to hit.

User Info: MegaSTV

4 years ago#2
Eh... Not sure you'd get phantom dancer if you got runaans, especially if you got something like BoRk. Maybe Triforce/Shiv/?

Boots/BoRK/Infinity Edge/Ruunans/(Triforce/Shiv/Phantom Dancer)/Defense Item

I'd imagine you'd want some more on hit things.
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User Info: spartanreborn1

4 years ago#3
I don't get Runaans, not because it's expensive, but because its crap.

User Info: Voidgolem

4 years ago#4
can't wait to be a worthless ADC and stack all this attack speed.


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User Info: the_rowan

4 years ago#5
Doesn't matter that it's gold-efficient in the slightest. You know what else is really gold-efficient on an AD carry? Aegis of the Legion. It even gives entirely useful stats. But you don't build around gold-efficiency as a carry; you build so that you are able to carry the game, and every side purchase you make has a steep opportunity cost in delaying your lategame dominance.

The more core stats you build--AD, attack speed, armor pen, crit, and crit damage--the more effective the others are, causing AD carries to scale steeply with item combos like IE + PD. If you ditch that 30% crit, you lose a large amount of power then, but even more as you complete more items that would make that crit you don't have scale more.

Now, Hurricane does effectively double your total AD, which is similar to getting a non-IE crit on every atttack... but only if you're shooting into grouped enemies, which you will almost never be doing. Normally you're going to be attempting to kite and lifesteal until you get a bruiser/tank off your face, and crit is going to make the difference between you living and dying there, while hurricane bolts don't.
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User Info: Spacefrisian

4 years ago#6
spartanreborn1 posted...
I don't get Runaans, not because it's expensive, but because its crap.

Should be renamed as well, Runaans Garbagecane
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User Info: MIG297

4 years ago#7
Only time I ever build it is on teemo since I'd rather split push than sit around being useless in teamfights.

User Info: Covenant

4 years ago#8
The main reason people don't want to buy hurricane is because of its cost.

The main reason people don't want to buy a Hurricane is actually because it doesn't do anything.

The only kind of build it could conceivably be theorized to help is an on-hit build, but there are a few problems there.

1. On-hit builds are bad.
2. On-hit builds still want single-target damage because single-target damage is strictly superior.
3. Hurricane's split radius is too small.

Hurricane will never accomplish Riot's vision. There is simply no way to make people want to play an AD carry early/mid-game and then not be an AD carry late-game because they bought a stupid item that emphasizes multiple-target damage.

User Info: FvP

4 years ago#9
Hurricane is a noob trap
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User Info: BurnumMaster

4 years ago#10
at the range you have to be to get it to split and hit more people, youd be better off just staying as far away as possible and focusing on single target damage.
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