Sejuani my waifu <3

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User Info: PoorCountry

4 years ago#11
All of you are idiots.

User Info: Earthbound360

4 years ago#12
GujinKami posted...
It only took 35 buffs and a rework to make me discover my true love <3

That's like saying to a girl that you'll go out with her now because she got plastic surgery, lost a lot of weight, won the lottery, and became popular.

You shallow ****. She's too good for you now.
You know 1% milk? If it's 1% milk, what's the other 99% of white stuff?
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User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#13
From: LaqOfInterest | #005

Really surprised there weren't more than that....

All these years of being tsundere finally payed off.
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