Best Jungler for Dueling

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User Info: JackDaniels1964

4 years ago#1
Who that be?? I think that be shaco, also pre 6 and post 6 ones pl0x
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User Info: NicoGrimm

4 years ago#2
"So selfish them" would be their cry. And, who'd be brave to argue? Doin' what you people need is never on the menu!

User Info: Darksteel

4 years ago#3
Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general -Mark Rippetoe

User Info: Amothien22

4 years ago#4
Xin Zhao, Udyr and Trundle. Definitely best 1v1s

User Info: Master_striker

4 years ago#5
no lee sin makes me sad

Meeting a goddamn lee sin in the river is the recipe for "oh **** i'm outta dere"

User Info: leak_man

4 years ago#6
Lee Sin and Udyr, and Skarner melt people.

Once he has the items he wants (and isn't so squishy anymore), Dr. Mundo will absolutely wreck face with stupid amounts of physical and magic damage.
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