How to not suck as Ashe?

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User Info: FightingBoar

4 years ago#11
just start with 21/9/0, full ad runes, and a doran blade. you can easily take the jungler first buff with this setup and then run to the mid lane bush. wait for the mid lanes to start fighting and then jump out with a volley, ignite, critical shot, auto attacks for first blood. with a buff and first blood you will snowball the game!

User Info: HyperShadow4321

4 years ago#12
Toggle your Q when attacking champions. Leaving it on is a good way to waste all of your mana. Very easy beginner mistake to make with her.

Kite. Kite. Kite.

Her W is really strong early on, so try to poke with it. Ashe isn't very mana hungry since her Q and W are her only real mana-drains (aside from her ult) and you shouldn't be using her Q so much that it'll hurt your mana much, so don't be afraid to poke.

Use your E to try to expose incoming ganks, or an enemy team's positioning. There are several times where I've revealed a whole team sitting in a bush with her E, forcing them to disperse.

Don't flub your R. Try to use it either as an engage or to help take down fleeing enemies.

As far as build order, I personally usually start Boots+Pots, then a Vampiric Scepter, Greaves, and Static Shiv. From there, I'll usually build the Scepter into BotRK or Bloodthirster (I prefer BotRK on her, but both are fine choices). Then Infinity Edge if the game lasts that long. If you have a good lead in gold over their ADC and you're having a hard time running out of mana, then grabbing a Faerie Charm wouldn't hurt, but you shouldn't need it if you aren't too wasteful with mana.

In teamfights, time your R right, do lots of damage, and don't get caught by gapclosers. Ashe is a pretty great ADC, but she can be outmatched by a lot of ADCs as well. I like playing her most when I have a support with a good grab/stun, so you can take advantage of your slows and do lots of damage in lane.

User Info: UnderwaterAir

4 years ago#13
21/0/9 masteries.
movement speed quints

spam W in lane whenever you can hit with it
ult to initiate or counter initiate fights
don't try to 1v1 the enemy adc unless you have an overwhelming advantage
spam W in teamfights regardless of whatever is going on
turn Q on when fighting enemy champions
stay behind your allies and spam W
spam W moar
hell, if there was a good way to build ad, mregen, cdr, I'd do it and spam more W with Ashe D:

User Info: Silvanus350

4 years ago#14
01. Take 21/9/0 masteries to maximize your damage and your defense against the enemy AD in lane.
01a The defensive masteries might not seem like much, but the extra armor and health are good value for the points you spend.

02. Take AD marks, armor seals, magic resist glyphs, and AD quints for your runes. This will maximize your damage and make last hitting easier.
02a You can take armor pen marks/quints if your last hitting is good - this scales better into the late game and does more damage to champions.
02b I prefer flat magic glyphs against poke supports (Sona or Lulu); scaling magic resist would be better for a passive lane (Janna).

03. Take Flash and Ghost to give Ashe two escapes from enemy champions - she doesn't have anything like it in her kit.
03a Picking Cleanse over Ghost is not a bad idea, if you are going against a support with stuns (Taric, Leona, Nunu).
03b Ignite and Exhaust should be taken by your support - Ashe doesn't want to be that close to the enemy, due to the lack of escapes.
03c Heal is an OK pick, but it gets shut down by Ignite and there are better options - your support can compensate for you (Taric, Alistair).

04. You will generally want to level your skills R>W>Q>E whenever possible.
04a. If you are in a passive farm lane, you can take a second point in E early to significantly increase the range of Hawkshot. May be useful against an aggressive jungler.
04b. Ashe is a poke champion, and her poke comes from Volley (W) with its 1:1 AD scaling - you level it first to give you better poke power in lane and later in teamfights.
04c. Volley has a substantial mana cost - so be careful about spamming it pre-six! Use it sparingly to last hit minions and poke at the same time when you can.
04d. When farming a new row of minions, approach and Volley from the side and not the front - you will hit more minions this way.
04e. Ashe's Frost Shot slows only movement speed, not attack speed!
04f. Frost Shot allows Ashe incredible (though not infinite) kiting and chasing power. If you can land a single Shot, you can probably catch up to and secure that kill.
04g. Similarly, when being chased by an enemy, try to run > Volley > run > Volley... etc. to keep them slowed. This is still difficult without MS increasing items, like Furor Boots or a Phantom Dancer!
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User Info: Silvanus350

4 years ago#15
05. Ashe's ultimate has global range, allowing her to snipe retreating enemies and initiate teamfights - look for opportunities to hit vulnerable champions.
05a. The stun of Crystal Arrow depends on how far it travels, up to a maximum of 3.5 seconds - don't expect a long stun duration if you shoot from the hip!
05b. Crystal Arrow deals 600 damage to its target and 300 splash damage - it is possible (but improbable) to steal Dragon/Baron/Buffs with the splash. I don't recommend it unless you are very far ahead!
05c. Launching an arrow across map on a diagonal (e.g. from bot lane to top lane) is a newbie trap - it is very unlikely to work! Save your arrow and try to set up a kill in your own lane.
05d Launching an arrow straight down a lane (e.g. straight down mid lane) is much easier, and a more reliable way to help ailing teammates.
05e Be wary of trying to land your arrow on a vulnerable or retreating enemy if no one else is nearby. Landing a clutch ult is useless if no one can secure the kill!
05f If a teamfight has already started, save your arrow for weak and retreating enemies; secure those kills or save your teammates!
05g Ashe's Crystal Arrow is what separates (and distinguishes) her from other carries - landing your arrows is the difference between a mediocre Ashe and a good Ashe.

06. I am (somewhat) convinced that Alistair is the best support for Ashe - he can heal (sustain), he can knock enemies away (protect) and he can knock enemies towards you (engage). He has everything you want in a lane partner.
06a. Other synergistic support champions are Taric (similar to Alistair) but also Lulu, who can protect Ashe while also poking the enemy.

07a. Your build should be the typical AD carry build.

Hope this helps somewhat - Ashe is my go-to for an AD carry.
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User Info: TruHNIC187

4 years ago#16
all good stuff! thanks everyone

User Info: angermngment101

4 years ago#17
You can pick a different adc.

User Info: GujinKami

4 years ago#18
Get L6, and never use your ultimate for random across-the-map engagements.

User Info: ryana

4 years ago#19
FightingBoar posted...
just start with 21/9/0, full ad runes, and a doran blade. you can easily take the jungler first buff with this setup and then run to the mid lane bush. wait for the mid lanes to start fighting and then jump out with a volley, ignite, critical shot, auto attacks for first blood. with a buff and first blood you will snowball the game!

I seriously laugh at this every single time.

User Info: Salvatore

4 years ago#20
I usually skill WEWE, then R>W>Q>E (WEWEWRWQWQRQQQEREE). The earlier you get points in Hawkshot, the better those points are.
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