Soraka changes I would like to see

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User Info: _Yag_

4 years ago#11
gkh5 posted...
_HeX posted...
centurion911 posted...
_HeX posted...
Infuse (E); In addition to current effects it also cleanses one debuff from the targetted allied champion.

Wish (R); Active: Soraka places a protective barrier on herself and all friendly champions (last 10 seconds). When the barrier fades or breaks from incoming damage Soraka bathes her allies in light and health is restored.

Barrier: 150 / 300 / 400 (+ 50% AP)
Heal: 200 / 320 / 440 (+ 70% AP)

_HeX posted...
small tweaks

So, we're doubling the effectiveness of her ult (10 second Barrier? Seriously? What would the enemy do, immediately disengage?) and a Cleanse that eliminates the need for QSS.


It is a small tweak but a huge improvement (there is a difference), her ult is really underwhelming in its current state.

But it hardcounters karthus

more like it hardcounters enemy teams
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