Diana nerf. Zed buff. Boots of Swiftness nerf. Lulu buff.

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  3. Diana nerf. Zed buff. Boots of Swiftness nerf. Lulu buff.

User Info: xX Joshy Xx

xX Joshy Xx
4 years ago#81
Bummed about any nerfs to Diana, even something not so major like a few extra seconds on her shield. I just started thinking about jungling with her, hopefully she's viable. She's my favorite champ.
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User Info: ParticlePhysics

4 years ago#83
King of Cats posted...
From: MrFail | Posted: 4/16/2013 1:06:57 PM | #080
Zed got the worst of it sure, but why is no one is QQing about the massive thresh nerf?

Because it's a buff.

That's a negative. His Q having the passive made him a level 1 monster.

Moving it to flay isn't going to change a whole bunch for flay.

User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#84
i dont think i've seen a boots of swiftness buy in a real game in a very long time...

( in this case, real game is defined as a game without someone trolling in it)
LoL summoner: Vejitables
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User Info: BurnumMaster

4 years ago#86
wehomies posted...
lol at zed losing his poking ability
he's not mana efficient
and now he gets this cdt nerf
his ult combo is still a beastly nuke but loooool
bye zed

Yeah I agree, he is totally not mana efficient. Where the buffs to Zed's mana Riot?!

User Info: CeruleanBlueFx

4 years ago#87
omega bahumat posted...
g-cube_masta posted...
Stop saying "wow can't u guys read"

sur@20/reign of gaming are notorious for wording s--- like crap.

It was poorly worded and said that Zed's E doesn't work on creeps at all. They contsantly edit it which is why now it seems clear what the change was.

You guys aren't reading the same thing people initially read.

I don't like the nerf to Pale Cascade. I feel like Diana is an okay place right now and doesn't need further tweaking downward. The only person that plays her professionally anymore is Scarra and rarely Kiwikid/Voyboy.

The picture of the tooltip remained the same and had the wording through all edits.

People didn't read it. They saw one thing and jumped to a conclusion rather than taking the time to finish reading the article.

Yo boyz cent rede

Except the tooltips are often not updated correctly quite often on the PBE. Up until now I had trusted this website to be accurate. I can see that was a mistake.
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  3. Diana nerf. Zed buff. Boots of Swiftness nerf. Lulu buff.

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