Rengar Rework Ideas

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User Info: jonlaw101

4 years ago#1
Roito says...
Passive - Unseen Predator: (Innate): While in brush or stealthed, Rengar gains bonus attack range and his attacks cause him to leap at his target. This bonus lasts for ~0.5 second upon exiting brush or stealth. This will happen regardless of whether or not his target has sight of him, and has no internal cooldown.
Range: 600, global with Bonetooth Necklace

Q - Savagery (Active): Rengar's next basic attack deals bonus damage and grants him increased attack speed for 4 seconds.

Q - Empowered Savagery (Active): Ferocity Bonus: Savagery deals bonus damage equal to 100% of Rengar's attack damage, and the Attack Speed bonus is doubled. This also causes the summoner of the targetted champion to disconnect
Cost: 5 Ferocity
No cooldown

W - Battle Roar (Active): Rengar lets out a battle roar, damaging enemies and reduces incoming damage by 120% for a short duration.
No cost
Radius of AoE: 500

W - Empowered Battle Roar (Active): Ferocity Bonus: Battle Roar also heals Rengar for 40 + (20 × level) health and grants the damage mitigation to allies within range.
Cost: 5 Ferocity
No cooldown
Radius of AoE: 500

E- Bola Strike (Active): Rengar throws a bola at his target, slowing them for 2.5 seconds. The slow increases forever.
No cost
Range: 575

E - Empowered Bola Strike (Active) - Ferocity Bonus: Bola Strike initially roots his target forever and spread to enemies within global range. Crowd control reduction will electrocute affected champions' summoners.
Cost: 5 Ferocity
No cooldown
Range: 575

R - Thrill of the Hunt (Active): Rengar activates his predatory instincts, stealthing after 1 second (delayed up to 3 seconds if taking damage), revealing, skinning and de-boning all enemy Champions in a large radius around him. He gains movement speed and generates 1 Ferocity per 0.75s while stealthed. Lasts 7 seconds or until he uses an ability.

good or bad?
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User Info: gfshynobl

4 years ago#2
hes fine. now
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User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#3
Would be pretty welcome and make him viable yet fair, Riot should hire you.
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User Info: gallantknight

4 years ago#4
He comes from the forests of Freljord, seeking his ultimate hunt
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User Info: TomorrowDog

4 years ago#5
butter nurf irulia
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User Info: Suicidal Smurf

Suicidal Smurf
4 years ago#6
just bring back ap rengar
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User Info: Gladiator28

4 years ago#7
I'm confused by the range on the passive, especially with the necklace.

What exactly is global?
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User Info: tranquilizerrr

4 years ago#8
Gladiator28 posted...
I'm confused by the range on the passive, especially with the necklace.

What exactly is global?

Once he enters a bush, he can leap out to attack anywhere else on the map.
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User Info: PhrenzZephyr

4 years ago#9
From: gallantknight | #004
He comes from the forests of Freljord, seeking his ultimate hunt

Laughed way too hard.

User Info: ohnoitslueshi

4 years ago#10
Passive: Put it on a cooldown that gets reduced solely by steps taken ala Shiv.
Q: Make additional damage scaling level-dependent so that he's not stupid early but stays strong late.
W: Give it a small flat armor/mres amount and provide additional armor/mres for each champ hit; as for healing, either base it off of missing health or require it to hit a champ to make the heal go through.
E: Leave it the way it is.
R: Leave it the way it is, maybe bump up the stealth time a little but slow the Ferocity gain to make it more desirable as a ganking tool, but leave the fade time to make it harder to escape with impunity.
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