I need a new support, Janna?

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User Info: Dartkun

4 years ago#11
FlameLord23 posted...
CosmosYears posted...
Nasada19 posted...
I don't think she is a good solo queue support. To use her effectively, IMO, requires a pretty good adc that knows when to harass and how to act with your shield up. Janna also requires a decent amount of skill to use well.

I'd rather go with Taric. Has armor aura and a heal to protect them without almost any effort on your part and has a long range stun that anyone will see as a chance to attack. Leona, Sona and Soraka also are good choices depending on the match-up as well.

This, Janna requires you and your team to be good to take advantage of what her kit is capable of doing. It's better to get someone who can stomp a lane with some of the more bully adcs right now.

She's also the queen of disengage right now. Only ones close are Lulu and Nunu.

Nunu is the Queen of Disengage.

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User Info: MizunoRyuu

4 years ago#12
I disagree with her being a poor solo queue choice. She's my main, and she's hardly ever failed me in any of the Ranked games I've played. She doesn't rely on good positioning - as long as you yourself know how to position, you can easily bait and force the enemy into a disadvantageous situation which even the most clueless teammates should be able to take advantage of. She's similar to Galio, in that she should be built fairly tanky (as much as Support items can allow) to allow her to run around the fight, ignoring focus because loltankysupport, and being a nuisance. Of course, early game she's still a squishy Support and should be played as such.

A nice build I like to have is Captain Swiftness Boots, Randuin, Bulwark, Zeke, WotA and Sightstone. You are an aura totem. Stay alive, provide auras whilst not being useless like Sona, and constantly disengage every time the enemy tries something.
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User Info: Ducky_Momo

4 years ago#13
From: MizunoRyuu | #012
whilst not being useless like Sona

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