Which region of Runeterra has the best champion team?

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  3. Which region of Runeterra has the best champion team?

User Info: decoy51

4 years ago#1
I was just thinking about this hypothetically, but If you had to build a team using only champions from one region of Valoran (ex: Demacia, Noxus, Bandle City, Piltover etc.), which region would have the best team? Allies of each region can't be factored in when making a team, so Demacia can't use yordles from Bandle City, for example. The region must actually have at least five champs, of course.

User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#2
What about unaffiliated champs like Skarner, Taric, Sivir etc.

Otherwise it would probably be Demacia.
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User Info: Blocktopus

4 years ago#3
Darius top
Swain mid
Mundo jungle
Morg supp
Draven adc

seems like a pretty solid team

User Info: decoy51

4 years ago#4
Well, I'm only focusing on champions with definite affiliations, so non-affiliated ones don't count, sadly.

User Info: XcaIIion

4 years ago#5
probably demacia
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User Info: Darkyellow327

4 years ago#6
Shadowisles or wherever Pantheon and Leona are from.
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User Info: luigi33

4 years ago#7

Top Garen
Mid Lux
Jungle Jarvan/Xin Zhao
Support: Sona
ADC: Quinn/Vayne
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[CM Hyper 212+] [GTX 560ti]
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User Info: Maurith

4 years ago#8
LoL: Rumble, Syndra, Fizz, Janna, Ezreal, Rengar, Kog'Maw, Lee Sin, Vi, Quinn, Twitch, Volibear

User Info: BerserkFGriffth

4 years ago#9

User Info: Undella_Town

4 years ago#10

because everyone's from Freljord
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