How can people be bad at this game?

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User Info: Exalx

4 years ago#11
It depends on how well you take losing. If you can remain calm despite dying once or twice, you probably won't die again. If you're a sore loser or you don't take insults well because your mid lanes is going "gg bot feed surrender @ 20", you're going to be reckless.

Symptoms of this include engaging all in on the enemy you just fed. The mentality is: "No, this guy is f****** garbage, he just got lucky/he's playing a scrub character!"
They ignore their teammates because they see them as enemies or they have too much pride. They'll also do everything they can to underestimate their opponent so no matter what, it's not their fault.

As for diving enemies with half health, all they see is a low health enemy and half the time they completely forget the other enemy has abilities to defend themselves. They'll think they can burst down half your health before you can retaliate.

It's other that or they're trolling. As for why people are that bad, I believe it's because of Leblanc and people want to be like her when she's fed.
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User Info: ssj4supervegeta

4 years ago#12
most people who play this game dont spend days learning about it. they lol. they dont learn strats or whats a good idea. they dont tend to care if they die or lose. or about why what they're doing throws the game. they just look at kda and play it like a typical multiplayer game.

thats how.
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