Where is that new champ at ?

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User Info: Komrad_Wissler

4 years ago#1
She was some frost mage right. Where is she now. Not even a skill set list or any new word. What happen.

User Info: MtnJim

4 years ago#2

front page of leagueoflegends.com
I'm just a little less than sane.

User Info: bstbll

4 years ago#3
So basically communists are druids. -Gestapoid

User Info: zeppelin312

4 years ago#4
bstbll posted...
(message deleted)
(message deleted)
(message deleted)
(message deleted)
(message deleted)

User Info: Ascoltare

4 years ago#10
There was an error posting your message: You can have a maximum of 5 quote blocks in your message - please edit some out
Shaq: "Rondo is still the best PG in the game." Barkley: "Is D-Rose dead?"
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