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User Info: Savra104

4 years ago#1
Jarvan and Hecarim:
Top lane keeps dying (6 times). Has been ganked 2-3 times. Constantly talks about how I'm not ganking. Enemy is fed and there are no wards anywhere, nor have there been since the start. I tried to help him twice outside of that and went back to ward for him. He died once right after I warded. This has happened twice and I feel like I didn't do enough to help them out.

What do I do in this sort of situation?

Top lane is having trouble against an enemy and Bot Lane keeps getting caught. Repeatedly. They're not warding, the Support is apparently not going Support (despite using a Support Champ?), and the "ADC" has chosen Rengar. As you can imagine, they fed their lane decently, even when I went down to ward for them and help. In one instance, the "ADC" was out of position, alone. In another instance, the Support ran into the bushes while they were under siege at the turrets. And in the last instance, it was 3v3.

What could I have done to help them more?

I'm finding myself being forced to stretch extremely thin during games because Mid happens to never need assistance (despite me doing a little to help), but Top and Bot are having issues. I have had games where I've been Level 9-10 and the rest of my team is 16-17. In games where I'm trying to keep up with my Jungle CS, I find the rest of my team is starting to do horribly.

Is there a more solid way for me to keep up with both? Are Mobility Boots early the only way to handle this? Or should I invest in Teleport (wut)?

EDIT- Not Blogfaqs in disguise. I legitimately want advice so I can improve in negative situations.

User Info: aHappySacka

4 years ago#2
What do I do in this sort of situation?

Sounds like he's an idiot, unfortunately the lane is lost and the best you can do is ward so he dies less and focus on ganking for the other lanes. If he complains that you're not ganking enough then tell him he shouldn't have fed so much and you can't autowin his lane for him.

What could I have done to help them more?

Sounds like trolls being trolls, once again all you can do is abandon them and try to get your other lanes fed, maybe you should try to countergank so these situations might not happen? there's not much you can do if there are idiots on your team.

Is there a more solid way for me to keep up with both? Are Mobility Boots early the only way to handle this? Or should I invest in Teleport (wut)?

It mostly depends on who you're using and who the enemies are. Jungling is not easy to do well, it's all about farming efficiently and being in the right place at the right time. You can use teleport if you want to farm all game, in that case then use a carry jungler like Master Yi.
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User Info: LimeInCoconut

4 years ago#3
Buy Nautilus

Explain very clearly in champ select how the process of getting a good start leads to a successful jungle

Gank lanes mercilessly, disregard counterjungling.

Peel for ADC in teamfights simply by autoattacking and then facerolling. Always shield never die huehuehue walk away with piles of gold and win forever

User Info: Savra104

4 years ago#4
Unfortunately, I think I've gotten too many bad teams to avoid these kinds of players.. Hence part of my asking. For, I'd really like to be more carry capable with multiple Jungle champs..

I've looked into multiple guides on counterganking and further into counterjungling at your advice. I'm hoping that it will help me in the future. Knowledge is power, after all.

I'll probably get Nautilus when he's on sale. I played him during his free week and actually enjoyed him. But I don't particularly believe that the answer to Jungling woes is to get a "better" Jungle Champ. :P

Thank you both for your advice.

User Info: hello_indigo

4 years ago#5
Tbh, there's not much you can do in this situation but to try your best. Just drop the lane that is feeding worst and focus on getting your other lanes fed. If your top is 0/6, he won't be worth that much gold anyways. Just ward for him occasionally and ping for him. Otherwise, mute and ignore the idiot.

User Info: denouema

4 years ago#6
Here's a pretty good tip for what you're prone to encounter:

If Mid is doing well and you feel yourself stretched thin, pick a lane to babysit. Usually though, it's going to be bot lane. Why? Because you need to get your adc fed to carry the team during late game while at the same time shutting down the enemy adc. Another reason is that usually you'll be helping the support get assists as well, so you're helping 2 people instead of 1 (Toplane). Finally, if you win engages bot lane, this usually converts into a free dragon, and it's right there for your taking (just make sure to pink or at least ward it, and also to pull it out when you start it.)

This is, of course, prone to change if you can assess that your Toplaner is indeed more skilled mechanically, and who is willing to roam and help with ganks once top outer is taken.

User Info: Doc_Hellraiser

4 years ago#7
Never gank a feeding lane (2 or more deaths over kills with no assists or if you see that your laner is very bad after one death or due to his idiotic pick/build):

1) You'll probably die yourself because your laner is a moron or the enemy is too fed.
2) If somehow neither of your die and the gank works you reset the feeder's gold reward which means the fed guy gets more gold when he kills your feeder easily 1v1 because you were ganking another lane.
3) If he doesn't buy wards himself he'll probably not look at the ones you place and ignore your pings to go back. Ward only to help your team not just him. If he's the only one benefiting from a ward don't bother.
4) Don't babysit him, you waste time better spent either ganking lanes that can carry you or farming the jungle.

If everyone is pushing go farm your jungle near mid/bot. If the enemy mid is missing go babysit your bot. Especially if your mid is one of those "I'm fed and I always push mid when 4 people including my lane opponent camp our bot for 2 minutes and dive getting 2 kills easily, why go bot?" mids. Although granted even in such situations your ability to turn the tide in a 4v3 is limited depending on the jungler. At the very least if they try doing drake you will be there. God how I hate mids who think that if they push two towers mid the enemy mid getting 2-3 kills bot in a dive, a tower and drake is totally worth him pushing mid alone. "hurr durr objectives!" Yes, I heard getting kills and most of the enemy team being dead allows you to take them more easily. Bloody dumb mids.

Counterjungling is nice but it works best early game. If you can steal the other guys red and murder him because he's playing yi or another crappy early game duelist/jungler then do it.
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