Looking at this Ashe in a bronze 5 game right now

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User Info: Gun Sage

Gun Sage
4 years ago#1

She's purple side laning with a wukong.

Mid is Lux, top is Voli + Talon

Blue side is Ezreal + Lee sin, Zyra, and then Renekton + nasus.

I really just don't see how these people don't read a guide, aren't given tips on how to play a little bit better, anything.

Anybody want to give this guy a helping hand?
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User Info: gallantknight

4 years ago#2
holy **** at over 30 minutes and only 30ish minions. That's only a bit more than a creep a minute...
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User Info: TomorrowDog

4 years ago#3
It isn't that hard to understand. Probably just kids or not-really-gamers who are literally oblivious or don't care about any of the deeper layers of the game. They don't look at the game beyond the level of, say, Pac-Man. You just walk down the road and try to kill the enemy.
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User Info: Eclypse9810

4 years ago#4
Looking at the other matches, I'm guessing it's just someone who has a little brother/sister playing on their account from time to time.
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User Info: FlameLord23

4 years ago#5
Did she run crit runes, 21/9/0 masteries and steal red buff then get first blood on the mid laner?
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  3. Looking at this Ashe in a bronze 5 game right now

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