Are they really not gonna rebuff Rengar?

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User Info: wehomies

4 years ago#11
there's a reason why we have the term "regar'd"
rengar got nerfed to oblivion
riot does some nice, frequent adjustments, which i like
bu when they mess up, they mess up like no other
hell, i can probably do some better and i would suck hard at it

User Info: shadyelf

4 years ago#12
Morello confirmed they are reworking him, since his kit makes it impossible to buff without OP and nerf without trash tier

User Info: Alchemist94

4 years ago#13
Rengar's still one of my mains and almost every game I play with him I do great.. He's an excellent champion but you have to know how to use him really really well.
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User Info: Darksteel

4 years ago#14
Maurith posted...
Sorry to be "that guy" but he's fine.

I agree, but bads are gonna be bad
Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general -Mark Rippetoe

User Info: crazycarl1

4 years ago#15
Rengar suffers the same problem as Poppy (who is also on the rework list)

Both are designed to instantly take out the enemy carry and turn it into a 4v5. Poppy has the invulnerability and Rengar has stealth with a gap closer. Both of these offer little counterplay, so if their kit had the numbers/scaling to do their job effectively, they would always be able to instantly OHKO the carry. Clearly, that is very imbalanced, so they are nerfed to the point where they are too weak to their only job.

In short, they are nerfed to the point where they are unable to do the only thing their kit is designed for.

This is why riot has to rework Rengar
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User Info: ObsceneGestures

4 years ago#16
Rengar is still strong enough to do his job. Even if you blow a high priority target up and immediately die, you've made the teamfight a 4v4, and it's a winning 4v4 when they're down a carry AND they blew EVERYTHING on killing you.

Unfortunately a lot of teams are too stupid to engage a 4v4 even when the other team has pretty much everything on cooldown.
Genius may have its limitations, but stupidity is not thus handicapped.

User Info: wantfastcars

4 years ago#17
evansmp posted...
We had a heimerdinger go mid a few matches ago and I was all like.. Lol ohhh know here's a loss, gg surrender at 20 plz kthxbai. turns out this heimerdinger owned the enemy team got the most kills and just plain wrecked them.

Don't ask me how. Thought I was hallucinating.

Yeah, I was in a match like that too. Autolocked Heimer and said "I'll go where I'm needed." He ended up going mid and lost the first turret early, but he got his **** together and semi-carried the game. Was that a ranked match you were in? I wouldn't be surprised if that was the same match, given how infrequently Heimer is played, and that mid isn't his most popular lane (I don't think it is, right?)
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User Info: shadyelf

4 years ago#18
From: wantfastcars | #017
He ended up going mid and lost the first turret early,


even the worst heimerdingers end up taking enemy turret. It's usually the only good thing they do
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