C/D Bots V. Humans

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User Info: easymodexz

4 years ago#21
The last bot game I had I went 51-0-3 with Kha'zix.

User Info: infinitexx

4 years ago#22
So long as you're aware of the differences in passive gold between your team and theirs, they're easy.

Play crazy aggressive and have the map dominated early. What makes Intermediate bots seem hard at times are idiot teammates.
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User Info: Airborne_Gnorc

4 years ago#23
From: Gig_NFBB | #019
plasmatic5 posted...
Ashe bot hits more arrows than most Ashe's. I've also seen Fiddle bot Fear someone and then charge up the ult right next to him with the fear going off. It actually worked really well for him. But that's about it.

Can't count the number of times an Ashe Arrow shut me down. And that's in beginner bots..

Ashe Arrow followed by perfectly timed Lux Laser, gg.
Formerly Z911

User Info: easymodexz

4 years ago#24
I don't see how recognizing their passive gold differences matters at all.

The bots don't last hit or attempt to farm CS. They basically autoattack like idiots. Granted, a lot of players in bot games autoattack like idiots as well, but that's a problem with their gameplay.

The boosted passive gold income simply emulates a "moderate" proficiency in CS'ing.

It's simply up to the players to not be horribad.

User Info: breakfastramen

4 years ago#25
PhoenixNine posted...

I don't know how bad you have to be to lose against bots while trying to win.

Burn me for a darkfriend if I do.

Wheel of Time fan? We're automatically friends now.

User Info: UnderwaterAir

4 years ago#26
I was in a game once with a 4 man team premade. I was doing vs intermediate bots for my first win.

I had all four of them feed the bots, come to my lane and just spam skills to take away CS from me all the while trolling hard and telling me things like I suck.

I was literally 1v9 in that game because of this.
Despite this, at about 35 minutes in, I was winning the game 1v5 against the bots.
When they realized I was going to carry the game on my own they voted to surrender.
If you see them in tribunal, please ban. That was one of my most aggravating losses, ever.


Anyway, the point of the story is that intermediate bots are better than anyone who hasn't invested the time to learn and play League to any amount. Once a person has invested, say, a solid month of practice into the game they are easily more difficult to win against than intermediate bots.

Bots have no strategy, they don't attempt to juke you, ever, and they are very predictable in how they will respond.
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