Hecarim, Nautilus, Or Kha' zix?

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User Info: curse_slayer

4 years ago#1
I want a 6300 ip champ but I dunno what to get. I like playing mid and jungle equally.How likely is it that kha and the pony will be nerfed?
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User Info: NicoGrimm

4 years ago#2
If you want someone who can both mid and jungle, I believe Kha is the better choice for you.
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User Info: MMG_

4 years ago#3
Hec already got nerfed but he is still worth a ban.

Riot doesn't seem to care about Kha or Naut.

I would get Hec out of the 3.
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User Info: KajeI

4 years ago#4
Pony's been hit already, but he's still a good pick. The biggest difference is that people don't complain on the forums about him as much.

Naut is prolly safe for a couple months. May get some buffs but prolly won't get nerfed barring some crazy bandwagoning.

Kha ain't gonna get buffs for a while and may get a couple small nerfs within a few months, but he's in a decent place right now.

Safest would be Naut, Hec is still awesome just slightly worse than before, and Kha is most likely to get nerfed in the future.

User Info: justdeath1

4 years ago#5
just because it's 6300 IP does not mean it is good

Hec- Very powerful snowballing jungler, however ignite stops alot of sustain, kinda a high risk version of Malp(an much more fun too)
Kha- Mid is the best lane for him, then top, then jungle. jungle doesn't give him enough gold and his clear is rather meh pre-6, its been improved in S3 though, Late game he jumps on carries and melts them , CC and burst counters him like most assassins
Naut- horrible early game, amazing late game, when jungling expect enemies to counter jungle you as you a very weak in early stages. when W is around level 3 , your clear is much better and your ganks are strong before 6 and crazy after 6(4 CC, most in the game)
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